Thursday, January 10, 2013


"I can't believe that school parking lot monitor makes $35 an hour!"

"It's a sin for Alex Rodriquez to make $25 million a year."

Milk costs $4 a gallon!

Gas is inching to $4 a gallon.

Gym memberships for places that require commitment and hold their members accountable, creating success in the form of results and motivation to continue on a proper exercise plan cost over $60 a month.

Teachers make over $40k a year and have off the whole summer.

The rent in this building is so damn expensive.

Walmart takes over local small businesses when they move into town.

Mountain Climbers and Burpees Suck.

Customer Service sucks at your favorite car dealer or your local bagel shop.  Heck even the health food store stocks out of date items.

I'm too fat.

I am always sick and work sucks.

Monday's can kiss my ass.

My dog takes forever to shit and it's freezing! ARGHHH!!

They take too much out of my paycheck in the form of taxes and feed the poor with it.

Complaining is a national pastime.  Everyone does it.  Everyone has a gripe about something or another and we hear it around the water cooler or on the phone with our family members.

We read things on FaceBook or Local Forums that cause a ruckus, bickering, and continued waste of time.

Instead of wasting time kicking and screaming, and I certainly piss and moan, we need to spend time working on the solution.

The school safety person making $35 an hour should not even effect your life.  WHO CARES?  You will thank them when they save someone's life or break up a drug deal.

Burpees suck.  Do more.

Monday's are rough. Go out and crush the day!  Make it a goal to kick it's ass.

Rent is too much? Work harder and learn more about the business, create networks, DO THE WORK! Shut up about the rent and work on the solution.  Move if you need to.

Not enough money?  How many books did you read about your career or occupation that will help you become a member of the top 10% of your chosen field? Which in turn will create a higher salary....

Did you start a side business or side job to increase your wealth?  Do you buy stupid shit?

Stop complaining and work on a solution.

You're fat? Eat less, move more.

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