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Hackettstown Strength Coach: 4 Needed Mindset Tools for Fitness Success!

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for longevity and feeling good. Getting to the gym and doing the workouts is fun and life changing if you have the right mindset. Some people have a hatred mindset of anything effort and exercise related.  It's no joke when people say Americans are fat and lazy. It's easy to just give up and not do the hard work.

Eating the proper foods is hard when you are always rushing around and getting in a workout is even harder when you have no time whatsoever.

That is an example of a piss poor attitude and the wrong mindset regarding diet and exercise.

I know it's hard to eat well and consistently.  I have a new baby.  I have no time. I GET IT! I fall off the healthy meal plan where everything is cooked, weighed, measured, and stored in containers for daily pickings and I have to adjust my training schedule. It happens.

The only thing I do differently is I do not let to go longer than a day or two before I pick up where I left off and I hardly ever miss a scheduled workout.  If I plan to lift at 7pm and I can't until 9pm... so be it.

Below are 4 Mindset Tools needed to stay consistent and be successful with diet and exercising.


You have to.  There's no way around this.  Things happen all the time that will throw you a curveball and knock you off track!  You need to be flexible with everything related to diet and exercise.  If you can't eat a good healthy meal for a couple of hours, don't eat at all.  Instead of going to lunch with the co workers getting McDonald's or stopping at the local diner for a sandwich to go, don't eat. It won't hurt you and may even benefit you.  If you have a choice of fast food or empty stomach, stick with the empty stomach.  If you eat organic and the store is out, make the exception and move on. If you have to change your 6am workout on Wednesday to 6pm Thursday, which is a day off, then do it.

These are just a few examples of what you may need to do.  If you go to a gym and the squat rack is being used, and the only one, find something else to do.  Squats planned?  Do Deadlifts.  Oh, you did them yesterday? SO WHAT! Do them again.  Grab some dumbbells and do goblet squats until the rack is empty. If the person is curling in it, throw a 2.5lb plate at them or just say "Hey, you need to GTFO."

Always have a PLAN B!

2. Be Consistent!

Having a mindset that focuses on being consistent will help you more than anything else.  Fitness is a life long adventure and not a Free 1 month changearoo. It won't happen.  Even the most genetically gifted people will not be able to become fit without a consistent effort.  Being persistent with consistency will take your results to a new level.  Yes it's hard work and when you are consistent about it, it feelsgoodman. 

Have the mindset that Once or Twice a week will not get you where you want to go.  Do something for your health everyday regarding physical activity. Even if you have to do jumping jacks in the living room every commercial break- do something... EVERYDAY.


How bad do you really want to be healthy, fit, lean, and in shape? Do you just want to lose a few pounds to look a little sexier or build some muscle to look a little more bad ass? Do you go through the motions of eating well, exercising, doing mobility work with the mindset that in 20 more pounds I am done with this? It's not something that we do to say we finished and now we can file it away. This is a LIFEstyle.  1 year of hard work doesn't mean you'll live to 90 without needing help to wipe your own ass.

Really want to live long and healthy while being in shape and strong.  Really want the results you work for and they will come. 

4. Take Action!

So you have the desire and commitment in you to get the results you want and to live super healthy while feeling good and looking good.  What do you do with those dreams, visions, and wishes?  Do you just wait for them or do something about it?

Take action NOW!  You know you want it.  If you didn't you wouldn't be reading this blog or even this far down the page.  You feel it deep inside you.  The animal is ready to be unleashed and you understand how bad you want to finally do it.  Take action.

There is a funny thing inside our minds that crushes many men and women from ever doing anything in their life.  It's called fear.  Helping fear is resistance.  Most of this is hogwash in our minds that we use to justify our lack of action.  We fear the gym and the hard work.  A lot of people are afraid to workout because they see movies or shows like The Biggest Loser where people throw up, pass out, and cramp up.  They have the mindset that they are too weak and out of shape to get the work done.  They feel they'll die.

Fear and Resistance will keep you strapped to the failure seat for your whole life if you let it.  You need to understand that this is real and it is holding you back.  Address the fear, address the resistance, and fight it face to face.  Take action! 

I have had quite a few members come in the gym and be scared to death of the hard workouts they read about, scared that they are NOT strong enough, scared that they are too out of shape to do the work, and then I push them.  I insist they shut the hell up and do the work! :) 

It amazes them every time when they finally realize they're stronger than they think!

These 4 mindset tools will help you crush your goals and become a success story in the gym.  It's not easy and it requires hard work and dedication but you know that you need to do this.  Having the right mindset is a vital key to staying on track and getting things done.  ANYONE can go from fat, lazy, and out of shape to becoming a fit, sexy, hardworking, strong athlete. It takes time and work, effort, and planning.  Start with one small step and do something everyday.

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

YO! Be kind and Share ;)

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