Friday, January 18, 2013

Hackettstown Gym: News Updates.

2013 is now entering it's 3rd weekend and things are moving fast.  A couple of news updates for members and anyone else interested.

If you know someone who wants to drop in the gym and get a taste of a workout here and there without committing to a monthly package it's $15 a class. 

After the 12 weeks of Project Resolution I will continue the amazing 2 hour workouts on Saturdays at 9am to 11am.  There will be an optional addition to the monthly fee for these workouts.  If you or someone you know wants to come in and do one of these workouts now it's $50.

Activate Fitness offers one on one training as well as semi private in addition to the group classes throughout the week.  Cost of these sessions varies.

I'd like to welcome all of the winners of the Free Giveaway who will be starting sometime in the beginning of the week.  It's awesome to have you coming in! keeps ignoring me. I've tried to get on Groupon for months now without any luck so STAY TUNED for a HUGE "Groupon" from me. Since they don't want to feature Activate Fitness I'll be taking it into my own hands! Haha

If you've never read a Donald Trump book, go now and read one.

Activate Fitness Men's Strength Camp will be opening it's doors soon and the program will run the entire year until winter strikes again!  This is not the program you want to pass on!

Coming soon to the gym will be a NEW class before the 6pm classes that is Flexibility and Mobility focused only.  A lot of foam rolling, stretching, bio-energizing movements, meditations, and more!  This will be included in the monthly fee! No additional charges! Starting time will be 5pm or 5:30pm.

By the beginning of Febuary I will be announcing a new CASH referral system for anyone and everyone!

Starting right now I will keeping a closer eye on all clients and EVERY month I will be picking one person in the gym as the Client of The Month!

Stay tuned for a Police, Fire, and EMS fundraiser sponsored by Activate Fitness.

The first Seminar at Activate Fitness will be announced very shortly through my emails and have a special discount for those signed up to receive my newsletter.  If you're not subscribed please check out the side of this blog and enter your name and email!

I am excited to bring all of these amazing aspects of the fitness business to the Hackettstown area and I thank you all for reading these posts and my emails! Thank you! 

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