Training at Activate Fitness

The Mission and Principles of Activate Fitness

“It is Activate Fitness’s mission to help the truly Dedicated, Demanding, and Determined members of our community achieve success in their fitness goals. To motivate and inspire, while teaching and guiding our members to become Kick Ass members of society. To help people live their lives to the fullest, with a passion, with a persistent consistency and a genuine continuous effort, and to not live life according to someone's ideals that are not your own. To help our members find their inner most self while upholding the highest level of commitment to each individual.”

Principles for Success at Activate Fitness:

1. Must be Dedicated to the Program

2. Have a demanding attitude to perform at your best.

3. Have a Determined Will to Succeed.

4. The Gym is a Judgement Free Zone. Unless you are not committed and you're lacking the desire. For that- you will be called out.

5. You must have personal accountability for ALL of your actions.  Inside the gym and outside. Diet is your responsibility.  Rest is your responsibility.

6. YOU MUST have a Positive Mental Attitude. No negative thoughts or feelings are allowed inside the gym. 

What is Activate Fitness?

Activate Fitness is a small niche gym that is dedicated to getting our clients results. Activate Fitness is a Group Personal Training company that has a location at 229 Main Street Hackettstown as well as a home garage gym in Mount Olive. Activate Fitness offers cutting edge training systems with programs that maximize results. 

How is Activate Fitness different from all the other gyms in the area?

Activate Fitness is different from all the surrounding gyms because we only accept certain people- people who are dedicated, demanding, and determined to succeed- people who train with a passion and a desire to gain results.  Activate Fitness also is a Group Personal Training Company that ONLY offers classes run by a Certified Fitness Specialist. All clients are trained on a program that is designed to get them the best results possible while staying personal to each person’s level of fitness.

What kind of people train at Activate Fitness?

Dedicated People.

Demanding People.

Determined People.

Only people who truly want success.  Only people who commit to their health and fitness and have a passion for training. Whether you are 16 or 85, if you have a desire to get results and can commit to the programs- you can train at Activate Fitness.

What If I Haven’t Trained For A Long Time.. Or Ever?  Can I still do this?

It doesn't matter if you've never trained before or are totally out of shape.  What matters is that you possess a positive mental attitude with a desire for results.  You need to be dedicated to your health and fitness, demanding to your commitment, and have a determined will to succeed. If you have those qualities.. You’re welcome here.

What goes on during a typical workout and what should I bring with me?

Hard work.  Intense exercise- AT a personal level.  What is intense for you might be easy for someone else.  What matters is that you do what you can do.  All you need to bring is a positive mental attitude, a determined will to succeed, and water. I got the rest.  You’ll go through a standard warm-up and get right into a workout lasting anywhere from 15 intense minutes to 25 brutally hard minutes, followed by a cool down and chat time.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

That depends on you and you only.  I’ll do my part but training is only a fraction of your life.  What you do outside of the gym- sleeping and eating wise- will depend on your results.  I’ve had people lose 20 pounds in 2 months and some lose 7 pounds in 6 months. It’s on you.

Can I Pay Per Workout with No Contracts?

I don’t believe in contracts or drop in workouts.  Unless you’re from out of town and on vacation you can’t just drop in.  You also can’t just come in and sign up for a month or two.  What happens is you come in, sign a waiver of liability and start a Free Week Try-Out.  Yes a try out and not a trial.  During this first week, myself and our members test you to see if you are really committed to success in fitness.  If you pass you can start a 21 day period where the try-out continues.  If all is well and we all feel you are a good fit to our community, you can buy either a 3 month program or a 12 month program. All programs are paid in full before starting or with a finance agreement. Training for a month is pointless.  Results take time and I preach commitment.

OKAY!!! I’m Ready!  I am Dedicated to your programs, demanding of my committment, and determined to succeed through Activate Fitness.  What do I do?

You can email Mike Corona at ActivateFitnessPT @ to set up an inital meeting to go over what the One Week Try-Out consists of and to sign the necessary paperwork.

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