Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Continuous Effort

Just like a Persistent consistency, continuous effort makes you stronger and healthier.

Fitter and better.

You grow through continuous effort of lifting heavy weights and eating big.

Fat falls off through continuous effort that is put in through a diet reduced in calories.

Running gets easier.

Weights get lighter.

Programs evolve and again- become harder.

Progress doesn't wait, it happens.  By Doing It Now, continuously- you learn to grow and achieve.

Success doesn't stand still- it moves with time.

Don't wait for the right time, that time was yesterday.  Today is the only thing that matters.

A child doesn't put together a lego model with a lack of effort.  It doesn't happen.  Only until the continuous effort of the required actions needed does it become a firehouse or a pirate ship.

Muscles won't get more flexible or firm without continuous effort.  One week of workouts won't do the trick.

Just like one beer leaves you looking for more...

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