Saturday, September 8, 2012

Accept Negative Feelings As A Challenge!

I wasn't always a highly motivated Hackettstown Personal Trainer and Business owner. I used to be a "Negative Nancy".. I was always angry.  I hated many, many people and was some sort of hermit on occasions.

Things changed.

I knew I was negative and so I decided to turn it around. I accepted the challenge and went in full swing.

Not letting the negative feelings control me I fight them everyday.  I block out the useless mumbo jumbo and negative news broadcasts.  The negative conversations about life and gossip are quickly crushed. Sometimes they catch up and I quickly fall into the leaf covered hole in the ground, but I climb out and continue to stomp to the positive that I, me, nobody else, wants.

Don't ever say exercise is too hard or you're too busy to workout. Accept the challenge those negative feelings have laid in front you and Kick Ass while doing.

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