Thursday, September 27, 2012

How hard are you trying?

I asked myself the question "How hard are you trying?" recently, and I demanded a NO BS answer.  No sugarcoating, no lying to myself, no hiding behind fear and the obvious answer was no- I wasn't trying hard enough.

In my personal life.

In my training.

In my business.

In my full time job.

I was not trying hard enough to be the best I could be- to be what I WANT to be.

I have been cutting myself short so much and holding myself back from where I want to go- to what I want to accomplish and the worst part- I was lying to myself. Daily.

It was brutal, it was a hard nosed gut check that left me a little emotional but there is no room for bullshit in my life anymore.  I was hiding behind fear.  I admit it openly and honestly.  I was afraid and I still am- but things are changing.  I'm moving forward.

It's not easy when you do a brutally honest reality check on yourself.  Especially when you preach positive thoughts, emotions, and actions- as well as No Excuses and Hard work- when you yourself are failing to hold that end of bargain up.

Sitting here writing about how there's no excuse to miss a workout and to not give your all, when underground I was working so hard and long I had no energy to train myself beyond a Main Lift or two.  6 sets of heavy lifting and I was done.  10 minutes tops.  No warm up or cool down.

Enough is Enough!  That has all changed.  I found my heart and changed it all.  I was ready, I needed it.  My body was screaming at me to do what's right and I ignored it for so long that I became overtrained.  Not in the physical sense- but the mental and emotional part of my body was drained.

When I came about my wits it was like this:  

The biggest difference is I'm not doing this for a fight inside the ring or for touchdowns on the field- I'm fighting for life.  Training for life.  Training to become the best person I can be physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It's not easy.  It hurts.  I have old injuries and scar tissue that screw my days relentlessly but I push past it.

So how hard are you trying?  What are you training for?  Are you just swinging through the motions and the daily routine without trying to jump ahead?

How hard are you trying for that different job or that promotion?

How hard are you trying to make your ideas manifest into reality?

How hard are you going at life and how much of your energy are you throwing at it?

Let me know! Drop a comment below and we'll discuss it.  I'm here to help.

I for one am not and never again will be just somebody withering away with the daily rotations of Earth, playing the game of life hoping to retire when I'm 80, failing to give society everything I am about.

.... How hard?


Side note- if you notice above I've added a few different links.  I'm working on it..

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