Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Little Vacation Everyday!

Little vacations are amazing.

Everyone should try to take one.. daily.

They're refreshing and revitalizing to the soul.  They aid recovery. They clear the mind.

You can have one anywhere.


I like to take a vacation everyday in my Jeep. Twice.  Sometimes three or four times a day.

Just me, the road, my Jeep, and a clear thought process so relaxing I could swear I'm on a beach somewhere.

They don't need to be expensive or lavish.  It could be as simple as a ten minute break while on the John.

Inside your mind you have the most incredible vacation just waiting to be used. Inside your mind could be your quiet room or your decompression chamber. Find it and use it...  Daily.

Use your workout as a vacation.  Nobody can bother you.

Drift away and get onto your plane to the most wonderful destination and live life with a daily vacation.

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