Friday, September 28, 2012

What's Your Story? A Life Changed..

I asked a question on my Facebook news feed last week and asked people to share their fitness successes and I would pick one to use and write a blog post about it.

Meet Angelo Loukas.

I meet Angelo a few months ago when the original 5/3/1 Group Fan Page on Facebook was closed due to a troll hacking the site and making personal threats.  Angelo sent me a personal message and I friended him.  He said he didn't know too many people who did trained with 5/3/1 and asked if it would be cool to ask questions.  Many questions.

I said sure and since then he's been a loyal facebook friend who reads my blogs and comments on the facebook posts.  His story is amazing and I want to share it with you.

Me: Angelo, tell me about your fitness related successes and how they changed your life.

Angelo: My success has nothing to do with how much weight i lost or how much i can total on a platform. (Total on platform is lingo powerlifters use when in competition.) After a life of excess, too much drinking, too much eating and way too many hours of doing nothing in my free time, I was left with a body that couldn't do anything. I couldn't bend over to tie my shoe with out wheezing  I would snore AWAKE! My body was breaking down sleep,high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. So then I joined a gym- with little results. Then I found 5/3/1 started watching what I ate but not over thinking it. (I) started lifting right, pushing my prowler and working on mobility. Now I am not where I want to be yet but I have learned to love the process anyway. I can say today all my health problems are gone, but where I find my success is in my kids. I realize now I was becoming a bad example to them. Now I'm a father again, not afraid of the long walks outside on the beach or to the city. I spend quality time with them. Teach my daughter about eating right (and) my son 10 is dying to lift with me. So I have him doing the things he needs now so he's ready. My 2 year old still can run me into the ground lol.

Me: That's awesome, nice way to start on the right path and be a good influence to your kids while doing so.  I can't wait until my little girl lifts with me.  Yes, girl, and yes.. she'll lift! Anyway..So how much weight did you lose since you started?

Angelo: 70 pounds!

Me: Damn son!  Good job.  That is some amazing work and dedication!  Goals change as well as plans and this is good because it keeps things fresh.  Where do you go from here?

Angelo: My main goal is to reach a 600 pound Deadlift, 585 pound Squat, a 225 pound Overhead Press, and a 405 pound bench, but recently have been wanting to focus on weight loss.

Me: Elite numbers right there man!  Nice goals and time is your best friend! Out of those movements, what's your favorite?

Angelo: Favorite is the Squat, but quickly becoming the deadlift, and I secretly want a huge bench.

Me: I love the deadlift.  That is definitely my favorite exercise, especially when you go for the singles. Something about grabbing heavy shit and hauling it off the ground makes any day a great day! So, during your journey when you lost 70 pounds- what was the biggest obstacle you overcame?

Angelo: My biggest obstacle was my weight, I was so fat I couldn't lay down on a bench and get up on my own. I couldn't even recover between sets, I was so winded.

Me: Man that is awesome.  Not being able to recover between sets, while powerlifting, and getting it done is inspiring. Good job right there!  For all the "newbies" out there and people just getting started, or for people lacking motivation- what advice can you give them when it comes to training?

Angelo: Advice.. this sounds cliche.. but attack your workouts like your life depends on it, before it really does. Too many people just do enough to get by. Also do the things you suck at.

Me:  Huge thanks man!  I agree.  Do the things you suck at or hate and KILL them.  Go hard at them and don't give up. I love the quote on attacking workouts before life attacks and that is so true.  Too many people take their lives for granted and neglect their health.  This is life man, you only get one.  Why live in pain?  Why live in misery?  Fight for your health and happiness.. DAILY!

That's it from my man Angelo Loukas.  Huge thanks for taking time out of your day for sharing your story and inspiration.  I greatly appreciate it!  Thank you.

If you have a fitness success story and want to share it- let me know.  Email me at activatefitnesspt @

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