Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emptiness and an Inadequate Self Image...

There was a time when everything in my life was, in my eyes, inadequate. I hated the way I looked, I felt like shit, I ate like shit, I partied hard to block it all out, and I thought the world was against me.  There was no meaning to my life. There was no meaning to life in general.  I was empty.

I hated politics, police, successful people, and had a negative mindset.  I was empty. My self image was a pile of shit and I was living in a world destroyed by The Langoliers.

Workouts were rare, food was fast, and work sucked.

The feeling of emptiness can cause the strongest man's knees to buckle and an inadequate self image will blind you to what is true and real.

I've seen many times where someone who is fit and healthy think they were Fat and Ugly, sick and tired.  The self image they imposed on themselves made them believe their nonsense.  They were empty.  Unworthy and undeserving feelings reach out and choke the life right out of you, if you let it.

Stop for a minute and remove all of the outside noise.  Close your eyes in a peaceful and quiet place and breathe the way we should breathe. Ask yourself...

"Who am I really?"

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