Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There's a meaning behind the 3 D's.

When you belong to a group, an organization, a tribe, or a team there is and always will be a certain vibe among the crowd. A successful group, a motivated group, and a group that wants to get better will always be on the positive side of the emotion spectrum.

At Activate Fitness we are Dedicated, Demanding, and Determined and there is no room for bullshit in that saying.  You either are part of the team with the focus on succeeding in your fitness goals or you're not. Living only a part of this is not acceptable.

Activate Fitness is not a quick fix company that you can expect to come to for a month and get into the best shape of your life.  Getting into shape is great, and it takes time but it's not Life. Sure looking great naked is fun and exciting but it means shit when you move along in your life.  Being Dedicated to staying fit for life so you can tackle obstacles that many can't is why we do what we do.

Personal accountability needs to be a paramount focus of your fitness success.  Counting your own reps and knowing what comes next in the workout is being accountable. Sticking to a diet needed to live a healthy life and maintain a good weight is up to you.  Nobody will give you the food on your plate that you should be eating.  It comes from within and that is demanding excellence.

An undying desire for success in living a healthy life and getting to your goals is determination. Without that determination, there is no room in this inner circle. A determined will to succeed is one of the most important aspects of achieving goals.  Without it, you just swing back and forth in failure.

I want my team to win.  I want my team to get to where they want and to maintain that status or reach for new heights.

I have recently changed everything about Activate Fitness. There are no more free trials to see if you like training at the gym.  The free weeks are your try outs to see if you belong- if I want you.  I don't need babies, whiners, and complainers working out and ruining the atmosphere inside the gym.  During the free week you are put on the stand, not just for me but for the other members of the team.  When you come to Activate Fitness and get the free week trial I will test you and I will ask for feedback from my established clients. I value their input.  If they feel you are not motivated enough and fail to live my 3 D's, you're gone.

After that week, if you pass, comes a 21 day probation period. During this period the tests continue and the feedback from my clients is noted. We have expectations of what we want to achieve and for that reason alone we need our teammates to be on the same page. If you are not on that page, you're gone.

Then after graduation from the schooling of the 3 D's and the program Activate Fitness offers you have two options- a 3 month membership or a 12 month membership.  Why?  Because, this isn't something that a month here or a month there can help with.  Dedicated. Demanding. Determined. If you can't dedicate 3 months to your fitness and health- we don't want you.  You're gone. If you can't dedicated yourself to 3 months- you truly don't want success in health and fitness. You care not for the body you were given.

Is this harsh?  No it's not. There is a certain atmosphere required inside Activate Fitness and we will fight to keep it that way.  This is not a bar that you go to on Thursday and have a good time at.  This is a place for work, for effort, and for success.  This is a community. This is not a gym that you sign up to and then don't come.  If you want in and you sign up for the program- you come- because that's what you want.  You want success in your fitness goals and you're dedicated to getting there.

If you feel this is too harsh or not a good business model, that is because you don't understand and for that, you don't belong. There is and will always be a difference between Fit people and Tire Kickers.  Fit people sign up for year long programs and stick with the programs and get results that people envy.  Tire Kickers never get anywhere and fail to ever live the dreams they have.  They fail to commit and their results show.  They'll never get from A to B because they can't understand the big picture and lack the dedication.  They want quick fixes and have no patience.

When I say Dedicated, I mean Dedicated.  You expect, you perform, and you receive.

When I say Demanding, I mean Demanding. You demand the best from yourself first and then from me. You demand the best from the other members of the gym also.  You demand success.

When I say Determined, I mean Determined.  You are determined to do what needs to be done and to stay on track.  This determination breeds success and excitement.

Are you Ready to Activate Fitness?

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