Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Secret to Losing Weight

The secret is to stop calling it losing weight and refer to it as Burning Fat!  You do not want to lose weight.  When you think you weigh too much or are too fat you say you need to lose weight, but what you want to do by dieting and increasing your exercise is to burn fat.  Losing weight can include muscle mass, water, and bone density, which is what you don't want.

So from here on out I will discuss the secret of Burning Fat!

Well, there isn't any secret. End of blog post.

Have a great day!!

No I'm not serious, well.. actually I am right but I'm not serious about ending it there.  You see, there is no secret to burning fat.  Your body needs to burn more calories (use more energy) then is consumed.  Food is energy and do not EVER forget it.  If you are always tired and always feel like complete shit, check your diet, you might not be consuming the right energy or too much useless energy.

In order for the body to start burning fat you need to look through your daily diet and see what it is that you are consuming too much of.  The human body will gain fat when the amount of energy consumed out weighs the energy the body is using to function.  By looking at your daily diet intake you will find some surprises to what might be causing you to become fat.  Clean that shit up and be on the road to recovery.  So now if too much food and not enough energy output is making us fat the answer to burning that fat is simple and right in front of your face.

Get your diet in order.  Start weighing and measuring your foods and cut out all of the processed packaged garbage you're eating.  Your body will have a much easier time getting and staying lean when you eat the right types of food.  Do not be afraid of fruits or fats, they are good for you.  Increase your protein intake and make sure you eat vegetables.  If you hate vegetables eat more fruit instead, and if you hate both do everyone a favor and knock yourself out.

 I am going to make this easy for everyone to understand and steer clear of scientific mumbo jumbo.  Here are five things you need to burn fat.  Number five on the list is just as important as number one and so forth. If you want to burn fat and really truly deep down inside you want it, it'll be easy.  If you don't want it, you'll never make progress.  Find yourself and find out why AND IF you really want it.

1.) Eat the right foods. Sure you can burn fat while eating ice cream but if you can't measure your food or weigh it, stick to the basics.

2.) Increase your exercise output and increase it the right way.  No more long sessions on a machine.  No more lifting weights that go up and down with the help of a cable.  Pick up a barbell, a sandbag, some dumbbells and lift weight.  

3.) Focus on your conditioning.  The word cardio is now dead to the fitness industry unless you are speaking about the health of your heart.  Start doing conditioning drills.  Join a REAL gym like Hackettstown Barbell that has a Prowler, a Tire, Sandbags, and Kettlebells.  Start sprinting. <-- sprinting is a whole other topic I will be focusing on in the near future.  Sprinting is one of the best tools to use to get in amazing shape in less time.  See below....

4.) Rest.  Take at least two days during the week and do nothing.  If you have restless legs and an itch to do something- go for a walk. Sleep.  Sleep. And Sleep some more. Quit staying up until 11 or 12 at night and go hit the sack earlier.  You'll feel so much better when you get enough rest.  Make it priority.

5.) Mindset.  No more feeling sorry for yourself.  Nobody else is feeling sorry for you, why should you?  Use the power of your mind, make the commitment and continue on telling yourself you can do this.  Find out WHY you want it and make it a priority to think about it.  Cut out all negative emotions about your body and cut out all poor ass excuses for why you don't workout and get moving.  

Use the power of the internet to help you on your journey.  There are thousands of websites out there that can help you figure out the correct amounts of food you should be consuming.  Do not make this complicated and quit believing it to be torture.  Starving yourself to lose a pound is torture.  A correct diet will leave you satisfied and energized.  There is no need to skip a meal or cut your portions to childish sizes.  The more good energy the body has the more good energy you will feel, and this will help you begin to love your workouts.  That's another thing-- how or why do people think exercise is torture?  It's because most people believe you need to bust your ass on a treadmill for an hour to make progress.  Pick up the weights and change your mindset about exercise.  Do it for your future...

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