Monday, February 27, 2012

Metabolic Conditioning: Get Fit the Hard Easy Way.

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.  ~Plato

If you've have been sitting up in your seat and paying attention to anything I have said lately you know that running like a hamster on a hamster wheel is not something I tolerate.  I would never recommend a client, a friend, or a family member waste their time on some "cardio" machine.  If the health of your heart is your top concern go for a walk. If you want to get into the best shape of your life you need to step outside of the gym and do the "hard" work.  

Metabolic Conditioning training will help you get leaner, stronger, faster, and more awesome one session at a time.  This type of training also helps develop a stronger heart, lungs, and works all of the large muscles in the body.  Training with the intensity the conditioning exercises requires will increase your caloric expenditure while using the anaerobic system in your body.  This causes calories to be burned for hours after the training has been finished. Yes doing some boring long slow steady cardio session will ultimately burn more calories then shorter higher intensity exercise, DURING the workout, but the most important part occurs after.  

It has been shown that Metabolic Conditioning yields close to nine times greater fat loss then normal steady state cardio.  Although it is very effective you need to stay on top of diet.  Proper nutrition is extremely important to the success of any program.  With that said, here are my favorite forms of Metabolic Conditioning:

1.) Hill Sprints

This is fairly simple to understand.  Find a hill that has a nice slope to it with some decent distance and run it.  

Start off with around 8-10 trips 40-60 yards and build from there.  
Stand at the bottom and run to the top. 
Walk down
Rest for 1 minute

2.)  Prowler Pushes

Again very easy to understand.  The Prowler is one of the greatest inventions in the fitness industry.  Everyone who has ever pushed the Prowler has a love/hate relationship with it.
They love it because it is so effective for fat loss and also helps build muscle.
They hate it because it is a Prowler.  Push one and you'll understand.

To start add 90lbs to the Prowler
Do 6- 40 yard sprints
Rest 1 minute between pushes.

If your gym doesn't have a Prowler.  Find a new one. 

3.) Sled Sprints

Sled Sprints are an excellent tool to increase fat loss, speed, and lower body power.  Very similar to the design of the Prowler, the sled holds weight plates and is pulled across the surface with a harness.  Some brands have the harness wrap around the waist and some under the arms.  
Start with 2-4 60 to 100 meter sprints
Rest 1 minute
Most people say to use between 6-10% of body weight for the resistance.

This can be done anywhere and the sleds are cheap. 

4.) Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes are highly effective in increasing strength and stamina. Battle Ropes work the arms, shoulders, chest, and the core muscles.  Pick up the ropes and go ape shit and burn a ton of calories.

8- 30 Second All Out Blasts
Rest 30 seconds between sets.

5.)  Strongman Training

There are several awesome Strongman Training exercises out there that can be used as great tools to get the job of burning fat done.

1- You have the Tire Flip.
30 seconds Flip 30 Seconds Rest
2- Farmer Walks
30 seconds Walk 30 Second Rest
3- Keg Carry
As Far As Possible. 30 Second Rest
4- Sledgehammer Slams
Need a Tire
30 second Slams 30 Second Rest
5- Sandbag Circuits
4-5 exercises- 10 Reps each- As Many Sets As Possible in 20 minutes.

Bottom line, get off the treadmill.  These exercises are extremely hard and should not be taken lightly.  They will make and break you.  Throwing up is a possibility, but the results they create speak for themselves.  Always make sure to do a quality warm-up with static stretching and dynamic exercises.  All of the exercises listed above can be done by anyone, whether you are 8 years old or 90 years old.  Make sure you have doctor's consent and if you implement these sessions 3-4 times a week into your routine, body fat will run. If you ever plan on coming to train with Activate Fitness you WILL experience the awesome power of these exercises, and YOU WILL become strong and lean. 

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