Monday, June 11, 2012

The places these kids have nowadays....

Back in the day when I was a teen and new to weight training we didn't have places like the kids nowadays. If you were lucky you had a good Football coach and weight room in your school (if you even had a weight room) or a local hardcore gym where you could possibly go for a workout if you had the balls to walk with the monsters.  Most of us- we didn't have anything like that.  Throughout the Untied States and even the World, smaller Warehouse type gyms are taking charge in the gym business industry and I hope these boys and girls truly know what they have- and if it were me I'd treat it like Gold.

These smaller "niche" like strength and conditioning facilities that are becoming bigger and bigger every day are a Godsend to a teenage athlete and even just your Average High School kid looking to get bigger. For the reasonable fee most of these places charge for monthly memberships, the benefits far out weigh any cost involved, and to top it off- most are run or owned by some of the biggest names in the Fitness Industry.

Just like the Underground Strength Club in Edison, NJ.  A bunch of High School guys and Wrestling athletes have this place that I would've killed for right in their backyard.  Owned by Zach Even Esh this gym is a warehouse type strength based facility where the bullshit is cut right out and the member gets put to work on the right program- that will produce the best results for them- as fast as possible.  Best part is they work off of plans designed by a great coach and trainer and they have guidance the entire time.  Do know the kind of value that has right there? I hope Mr. Esh doesn't mind but here is something right off the front page of his gym's website:

“As an Athlete, You Get a SMALL Window of Opportunity to Take Advantage of Specialized Training to Help You Reach Your TRUE Athletic Potential. There are a Rare Few Who Take Action & Find Their Way to The Underground Strength Gym. As a Result, These Athletes Turn Dreams Into Reality & Experience Success Like Never Before. Not Everyone is Accepted into Our Program but Those Who Are Accepted Will Achieve Success in Sport AND Life that Others Only Dream About.” -Zach Even Esh Underground Strength Club.

Not to far from Edison is Warren, NJ and a place that is run by one of Strength and Conditioning's most viewed bloggers and a man I look up to and follow daily because he understands how life should be and what it takes to be successful in the gym and out..- The Renegade Gym run by Jason Ferruggia. Renegade and it's Coaches have helped a ton of young men and women excel in their sport of choice and the workouts they perform also cut the bullshit right out of the question and the work being done produces the best results possible.  These two places have some things in common and I would be honored if I was a member at either one.  Working out in groups helps motivate you and helps you learn even faster.  Here, you don't waste any of the time spent training and it's done the right way.

Now also in New Jersey is DeFranco's Training Systems in Wyckoff that follows suit with these new aged strength and conditioning facilities.  Actually not following suit as Joe DeFranco can be considered a pioneer of these types of gyms, especially in New Jersey. Some big name people train up at Joe's place including New York Giant football players, Triple H from the WWE, and even some NFL stars.  Most of these guys started as High School athletes and train with Joe DeFranco religiously! Right on the front page of DeFranco's website it states "Not for Everyone" and damn right it's not- but if you live near this place and go to 24 hour gyms you should be ashamed of yourself.

Stepping outside of New Jersey you have places like Brute Strength Gym in Virginia that is a huge facility with some seriously strong lifters.  They have everything you need to build massive muscle and serious strength- from powerlifting to strongman to classes that'll teach you everything you need to know.

Throughout the United States there are places that are meccas for some serious strength training and balls to the wall workouts. At Activate Fitness this is the mission I am striving for and Activate Fitness will one day be a Strength and Conditioning Facility that will go head to head with any of these awesome gyms. Big Chain Gyms like 24 Hour and Bally do not stand a chance in competing with these gyms.  Sure they will always have the customers that just want comfort- who do not take exercise seriously and just dilly dally inside the gym going through the same workout they have for the past year.  Strength gyms and Conditioning Facilities are the future of the fitness industry and these kids who have these places to go to are very lucky and need to understand this. They need to shut the hell up and listen to the guys who have lived in the trenches for YEARS and stick with their programs.  They are, they will, and High School Sports have just become much more competitive because of it.

Get out of your comfort zone inside a GoldieLock's or a 24 hour facility and find your local strength training gym and make progress faster than you ever imagined. If you don't know where to look... ASK!  Find the above mentioned guys on Facebook or Twitter and ASK!  Don't be afraid to ask.  We want you to succeed and We want you to do it right.

Some other places that are just as good as what I have mentioned are as follows:

Elite Fitness Training Systems in Ohio. I can't find any info on the Facility Dave Tate has over there and I do not know if it is invite only but this place is TITS!

Evolution Tucson In Arizona

Genuine Training Systems in Aliquippa, PA run by a Facebook friend of mine Luke Barber From what I see Luke Barber has some quality High School athletes there everyday kicking ass and becomer much better.

Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA run by the famous Cosgrove family.

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Winchester, MA

Strength and Honor Fitness in Somerville, NJ

Parisi Speed School in Fairlawn, NJ

Peak Performance in New York, NY

Westside Barbell in Ohio

Quad's Gym in Chicago, IL

Average Broz's Gym in Las Vegas, NV

And throughout the country there are many many more.  Some are Hardcore type facilities for serious Powerlifting and Bodybuilding and some are for Fat Loss and General Fitness.  Whatever the case is- make sure you find somewhere that feels good for yourself and is out of your comfort zone.  Stop going to a Retro Fitness or your local gym where cardio machines are everywhere.  Find a place that teaches you and teaches well- get into a nice Group style fitness facility and watch as your results blow you away. Realize that these places are made of Gold and should be treated with the utmost respect and you'll never wonder anymore.. why it's not working.

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