Monday, June 4, 2012

Are you Lost in the Crowd?

The world we live in, like it or not, is an extremely negative environment.  The world we see through our eyes has increasingly become a haven for negative emotions and thoughts.  This can be seen anywhere throughout the world.  The crowd of people we walk among in our daily lives have the vibrations of negative and the aura of displeasure. Tolling along on their journey through time, stuck in a rut.  Stuck in a place so easy to get out of, that a quick glance to the stars can release them from such hard times and onto more prosperous moments away from the dark side of the moon.

Life was not meant to be lived the way it is throughout this beautiful world.  We have become slaves "to the man" hoping to one day catch our lucky break- our moment in the sun- unfortunately most people fail to ever bask in the glory of high times and live their lives like they're suffering the consequences of not being lucky.  Many people have such hard lives that it makes you sad when see the conditions they live in.  Many people never get degrees and end up working low paying jobs for the rest of their lives- well into their 70's- even 80's.  People starve and people die, people beg for enough change to grab a meal and sleep under a bridge in some polluted city.  People lift weights and diet their whole lives only to never reach their goal.  People have bad things happen to them over and over again or nothing good ever happens.  This is hard.  This is why some refer to life as "hell on Earth."  Why do we stay lost in the crowd?

Some people have their heads screwed so tight to the media and what it preached as right or wrong through various outlets that most will never understand the truth and how to think "outside the box."  The situations these people live in is a result of their negativity.  It may be harsh or come off as being a douche bag- but seriously- these people make their lives.  Everyone makes their own lives.  Everybody has their own thoughts and imagination and the way of life for each person is each person's own responsibility.

How often is it seen when a drug addict loses everything and lives as a homeless bum, scrapping by for their next fix?  How did this person get there?  Was it the drugs?  Was the drug they were using so powerful that it created their new life as a homeless person?  No, it wasn't a drug at all.  It was their own thoughts and their own decisions.  The situation could have been totally avoided but they choose to live that way.  And I do understand this first hand in more ways then one.  It is never a drug so powerful that it takes over your life.  Each person has that choice to make.

Are you lost in the crowd of displeasure and "unlucky" circumstances?  What did you do different from the crowd to stand out or take the first step to climb above?  How do you feel and think your life is?  Do you own up to your responsibilities and take positive action?  Are your thoughts about work and money negative?  Do you think that if you keep feeling and thinking that life sucks and money is hard to come by, that you will ever rise above the crowd?  Each and every choice you make is entwined in a universal picture that will create your life.  Whether it is negative or positive is up to you.  Do you like being lost in the crowd?

It is said there is the 99% and the 1% of the world's wealth in terms of population.  People feel the 1% are the lucky ones.  Those people are standing outside of the crowd, no longer lost in the hectic chaos of negative emotions.  The 1% are not lucky and do not have different lives from us one bit.  Their own thoughts about their own life have created their own successes, failures, and "luck". You can become a member of the 1% but it is going to take a ton of hard work and dedication along with absolute positive emotions.  These people are not jealous of anyone else.  They do not feel they have it bad or circumstances hold them back.  They create everything they want and have.  Some people in the 1% have less money than you but they are so happy with their lives and so positive about everything, that they have all they'll ever need and everything they ever wanted.

If you are tired of the way your life is going- change it now.  If you are disgusted about certain issues in the world, forget about them.  Stop thinking negative about everything you do.  If your dog throws up on the floor- be happy your dog is alive and keep your cool about it.  Keep thinking about what you want in your life and do so while voiding all negativity and you will see the things you "dreamed" of being created right before your eyes. There is nothing in this world that should be holding anybody back from all that they want- but most people do it themselves- with their mind.  You are truly your own worst enemy if you let the negative overtake the positive. Stop fearing the unknown and accept what comes to you with happiness and positive emotions. You are the only person holding you back from anything and everything you ever wanted.  Everything you ever wanted exists already- find it.  Believe it.  Make it happen.  Step outside of the crowd for a moment.

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