Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's "Not Me's" Fault..

A recent article I read has caused quite a riff in my eyes and my mind.  I should not let it affect me but it is time for all of the blame games to stop.  There is a problem in this country with Obese people.  It's not a shock to many as we all notice this or hear about it.  The problem is the blame game.  "Not me" did it.

NYC and Mr. Bloomberg have proposed to ban Large sodas in certain venues hoping this will stop the rising levels of obesity right in their tracks.  Mr. Bloomberg, with all do respect, this is stupid and if you're smart you'd get your name out of the picture. Sure you have taken action and showed you care about this problem but this step could have been avoided, money could have been saved, and a real action oriented step could have been worked on.  You sir, are blaming people.

It happens all across the country with everything you can imagine.  People blame people who blame other people and never blame themselves.  Only the good ones stand up and say "NO- it was my fault not theirs."  The blame for obesity in this country has been pointed to almost every industry imaginable.  Fast food has taken a huge hit from lashings of obese patients or people fighting for the cause.  Processed foods from big food companies like Monsanto have been fired at in the line of blame gamers.  Soda has been on the forefront of this fault finding search since experts predicted Obesity would become an epidemic.

Every major player in these gigantic industries have been blamed and in turn blamed other people and nobody has stepped up to the plate and said "I did it".  Why?

The reason there is a continuing battle of blaming Not Me's is because these industries are not at fault whatsoever.  You think their food is bad, or soda is fattening, and processed foods packed with carbohydrates are causing Obesity but that isn't the problem and they shouldn't be blamed.  The blame is "you".

Like any epidemic in this country Obesity will never be fought and won.  There will always be sick people getting fatter and fatter while draining the healthcare system because that is chosen at an individual level.  If you are 400 pounds it is your fault and not that Big Mac you eat daily.  You choose to eat that Big Mac.  You choose to drink soda and you choose to have five servings of Mac and Cheese.  Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying "eat more and more or die".

People who are drug addicts or Obese, as examples, have made those decisions themselves and every decision has a benefit or a consequence.  Some decisions are healthier than others.  Are we going to start banning garden salad's at restaurants because the people who choose to eat them are more ripped or healthier than you?

Stop blaming everybody else and own up to your own responsibilities, decisions, and actions.  Stand up and admit the consequences are the results of your decisions and don't point your finger at anybody else.  I could sit here and point my finger and blame obesity on our National School Systems.  Why isn't Nutrition taught on a higher level in High School?  Why are gym classes used as a socializing class instead of an In-Your-Face wake up call on Health and Exercise?  I'm not.  It's not their fault.

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