Monday, August 13, 2012

Keeping the Eye of the Tiger

"So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive"

There are many things in life that we become "Gung Ho" over.  Whether it is a new car and keeping it clean or an exciting new job, we start out super excited with the blood pumping and usually end at the point where the excitement flies away and bored is the result.  

Like clockwork around late December, millions of Americans come back around from their yearly circle and start to plan this years "New Years Resolution". One of the top five commitments made each and every year is to get healthier and lose some weight.  Gyms become filled and diet books fly off the shelves at Barnes and Noble.  The first week of January has us Gung Ho over our new decisions to "finally do it". 

After the initial excitement of goal setting and implementation wears off, boredom sets in. Gym members stop going, excuses pile up, new "goals" are made "instead", or the fear of failure takes over.  We stop our journey.

The Eye of Tiger has become blind and failure occurs. 

There must be a naturally occurring Law as to why this does happen because it happens more often that not. Why do some many people fail and give up so easily?  How can we stay motivated enough to complete our goals?

Whatever the case may be as to why we do not continue and instead give up quickly, here are a few ways to keep the Eye of The Tiger.

1. Make a plan.  Stop winging it.  We need to plan our weeks ahead of schedule.  If you know you have an engagement, while dieting, where they serve Birthday Cake and having a slice makes you happy, plan for it.  I always tell my clients to record their meals, weigh, and measure the food they eat. Write it down and look at what you eat.  You will surprise yourself.

Find your personal Accountability. Time is not an excuse.

2. Have a positive attitude. You missed a workout?  So what. Get over it and make the agreement with your inner self that next chance you will work a little harder.  Don't beat yourself up and feel negative thoughts when something doesn't work out for you. The little things matter but not as much as the big picture.  Stay positive and feel the power of believing in yourself. 

3. Read Self Help or Motivational Books. Society is dumbed down and held into submission by the government and other systems.  This is not conspiracy or straight bullshit, it is fact.  If we are not being held back from our potential we would learn about Financial Intelligence in schools and many other subjects, but we don't.  It is our responsibility to make the most of our life and nobody will help.  Pick up a book that speaks about Motivation and devour it.

4. Start Living the End Result. The end result is that image you see every time you look into a mirror.  You imagine that you are toned, tan, lean, have nice curves, and sexy. Then reality snaps back and you see the present condition.  This can break the strongest of people and it is up to you to move beyond that.  The best way to avoid being struck down by reality and the negative emotions that may come with it is to live your life like you already have achieved the end result.  Some people may think you are nuts but, excuse my french, fuck them. You are doing what you want to do to help yourself succeed.  When you see that image of the lean, sexy, hot beach body come in your mind- capture it and keep it.  Live it.

5. Stop Reading Magazines and Diet Books. Go to the checkout lane of your local grocery store and you will see at least 5 to 10 magazines with lean women or formerly fat celebrities that talk about the diets they used or the exercise they did to change their lives.  So many people buy this and then the confusion and the ship jumping begins.  You may already be working with a trainer and that trainer has you set out on the path that works, but to you, it's taking too long.  So you buy a magazine with a lean Kim Kardashian on the cover that touts the ZYX diet and says all of Kim's successful dieting was due to the ZYX diet, so you start it that night- completely forgetting you were already on the right path. The amount of information out there on diet and exercise is astounding but you need to IGNORE IT.  Start the right way if you are new or have always had a Yo-Yo effect.  Hire a trainer and LISTEN!

6. Understand Before You Start- TIME.  To lose weight takes time.  To build muscle takes time. To earn a six figure income takes time. Paying off a new car takes time.  So why is it hard for the majority of people to understand that quick fixes hardly ever work?  Not just in weight loss but in everything we do. Dedicate one year to being successful and stop the constant thoughts of what you are doing.  Throw away the scale, throw away the mind altering books and magazines and let it come naturally.  

7. People love you. The biggest emotion and desire of ALL human beings is to Feel Important.  You can not deny this.  Everyone wants to feel important and not just somewhat important, but the most important person in the world.  People love you because of this.  You love your wife or husband because you want them to feel important and they make you feel important.  They are there for you. If you are lacking desirable health and teetering on the edge of health concerns, you need to look around and find the ones you love who love you more.  Look to your sons or daughters and open your heart.  The support you need to keep yourself on track is there.  Whether you believe it or not, PEOPLE WILL MISS YOU when you are gone. Fight it.  Fight Death right in the face and keep your Eye of the Tiger engulfed in passion for success.

Getting beat down by the daily tasks can be daunting and cause failure to stop you dead in your tracks.  Making a plan is the most important piece of the pie.  Set small goals and keep them to yourself.  Set easy and realistic goals also.  Make it in your plan to lose 1 pound per week and no more.  Do not become a slave to the scale, instead, record your meal plans and do the work to find out what you should be taking in as far as calories go.  Do not go extreme and eat under 1000 calories or just drink Lemon water regardless of what Hollywood Idiot does so. Live the end result and keep the big picture close in heart and mind. Understanding it takes time will keep you straight on the path.  When you are heavy and overweight Exercise can feel incredibly horrible, painful, hard as hell, and you may even feel like you're dying.  Keep going. The weight comes off, the lungs improve, the heart functions much better, and exercise will soon become fun. Trust me.

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