Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Tool Shed..

Is a gym.  It's not really a dungeon per say because it's above ground with a garage door, but it's hardcore.  This summer alone I lifted with snakes and big ass Wolf Spiders. It really isn't a tool shed, it's a garage.  BUT, the previous owners of my house or maybe even the people before them decided to cut a one car, maybe even a two car garage, and turn it into a kitchen and den.  Leaving an 8x10 area now known as Hackettstown Barbell Club. Yup, less than 100 Square feet.

It's hardcore.  It has a squat rack, two Olympic Barbells that sometimes I use to do curls, while standing inside the rack, about 700 pounds of weights, a Prowler, a bench, sandbags, kettle bells, and some cool ass homemade strongman equipment.

 I've been training people and myself in here for a little while now. Before, it was down in the basement, a true dungeon, with cave crickets and big ass Wolf Spiders.  No snakes.

The walls are bare, no sheet rock, no fancy pictures or wall to ceiling mirrors.  No water fountains or ab machines, except an Ab Wheel.

Straight hardcore powerlifting goes down in here.  Deadlifts, Squats, Presses of all kinds, and then the Strongman work.  We utilize the driveway which adds an additional shit load of square footage.  2 horse mats from Tractor Supply Co., and a brick of chalk from Reps Fitness Supply in Somerville.

It's nothing fancy.  It's bare boned, beat up, and old fashioned.  It's perfect! A match made in heaven.  Enough of the goodies to get by and succeed with an amazing view.

If you are looking to gain some serious strength and muscle and live in Hackettstown or Mount Olive, NJ you should swing by.  You'll always catch me lifting after 7pm during the week.  iPhone blasting, sweat dripping, screaming like a lunatic. Stoked, amped, pumped, efficient. Some people won't be able to handle it, but the ones who commit will undoubtedly succeed.

This is where it all started.  The ladies came for the groups and a few for some one on one training.  The brave, the excited, the committed.  Or, more importantly, The Dedicated, Demanding, and Determined.  Check out Greg below.  That dude kicked ass and made some killer progress in the gym.  Yes it's a gym.  It has weights and walls, mats and barbells.  Enough to call home.

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