Monday, October 22, 2012

Are you a Doer or a Whiner?

That's a pic of me at an MMA Studio on Main Street in Hackettstown that I sublease.  I had 3 paying clients and a baby on it's way into the world when I shook hands with NJ Core MMA's owner in agreement.  I couldn't cover the rent.  I had the first month's rent that I was saving for a rainy day for awhile and decided- I needed to do it.

I jumped into the unknown wondering if I'd be able to stay at the studio and if I would have to go in my personal pockets to find the cash.  I didn't whine and complain about it.  I just did it. I'm a Doer.

I see so many people on Facebook, Twitter,, and many other websites, magazines, radio shows, and television Whining like a bunch of pansies and babies.  Complaining that shit isn't handed to them on a silver platter. Feeling entitled to something that they should work their asses off for but just want handed to them.

People bleed the US Government dry from Unemployment and Disability (There are the few who Deserve it) when instead they just need to get off their asses and work hard.  I hear it all the time- people whining about the economy and jobs being lost overseas or just "not" here.  Gas prices are too high they'll say, eating healthy is just too expensive the others say, I can't afford a book or I'd rather watch NCIS instead of furthering my intelligence most say.

It's time to stand up and throw away the whining.

I was asked over the weekend.  Mike, what's your niche?  I said, "I don't know! I train women, a few men, a few football guys but never really established a true niche.

"Oh man you need a niche!  You need to single it down."


"Well you can train athletes.  Or you can train just women in boot camps or have a CrossFit gym or a Men's Only business."

I didn't have an answer.  I train everyone with any goals- it doesn't matter to me.

Then I asked myself what does matter? What matters about the training you do and the people you serve?  

The Niche!

Yes I want to train Athletes, Yes I want to train groups of women and men boot camps.. so what makes these people stand out?

They want to Kick Ass. They want MORE.  They're Doers.  They're not tire kicking pansies who talk smack and never act.  They're dedicated, demanding, and determined.

If someone comes to train and they don't fit that mold they are told Activate Fitness is not for them- but... there's a Zumba at the Church next door..

Are you a Doer?

Doers are active, energetic and they get things done- with commitment and vigor. They don't care if it rains or if they're tired.  They don't make excuses on why they can't come to the gym or how hard the workouts seem.  They dedicate themselves and they DO.

Are you a Whiner?

Whiners complain when it rains, when there's bumper to bumper traffic, and when Gas Prices go up.  They cry to the government that there are no jobs and shit is too expensive. Whiners moan when they "have" to exercise- they NEVER do it because they want to or because it's good for the body.  Instead, they whine it's too hard. 

^^ She's a Doer x100

3 jobs, a tutoring side gig, and with a late night lifestyle she gets Shit done BIG time!

The balls in your court.  This is YOUR life and you only get a short one at best. Life is hard, is greedy, is dangerous, but YOU can kick it's ass everyday and make the BEST of it.  Stop waiting for someone to say it's ok for the day to be perfect, or for the sale to be affordable- it never will be.  Do it Now or Live like a Whiner.

Check out these links below.  Are you a Doer?

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