Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why I Love to Lift Weights

Back in the day when I was a young teen I started lifting weights with my Dad's sand filled and concrete filled weights.  A bar about 4 foot long that was hollow in the center and an old bench.  I used to go into the basement and lift weights until I had enough.  I never went down there with a plan.  It was awesome.  Eventually as time went on I added weights, machines, and barbells and began getting a litter crazier.  I will always remember doing 100 rep sets with like 55 pounds of bent over rows and immediately- some how- got the bar over my shoulders and did 100 rep sets of squats- then I'd go and do 100 or so pulldowns and tricep pushdowns.  Nuts. I did this 10 times maybe and called it a day.

I never worried about sets and reps or weights.  I just wanted to lift heavy and kick ass.  My next door neighbor had some weights and we used to switch houses and lift together for hours.  It was great!  Summers in the basement lifting, then baseball or football outside, followed by WWF wrestling in the pool.

Then as I started to get older and fall into a bad place I left that life.  I didn't touch a weight, let alone play a sport or even run for a few years.  I went from an active kid who played sports year round while lifting weights all the time to someone who was not a good role model and a waste of space.

I even remember lifting weights in the weight room at school during gym class, going home lifting more weights, and then going with my buddies to the gym to lift more weights. I never had a plan or tried to lift heavier and heavier or whatever- I just did it.

So after a few years of bumming it up I finally started lifting again and knew right away my hands were meant for a barbell. I got right back into the swing of things and my life shot directly towards living the fitness lifestyle.

I love to lift weights.  It's in my blood and it feels amazing.  I hate it sometimes but it's a love filled hate that always forces me to improve.  Lifting weights gives me a sense of balance and peacefulness. It releases anger and frustration and induces growth- both mentally and emotionally.. and physically.

When I feel down or tired, beat up and depressed, or just plain lazy I go and lift.  It forces me to shut the hell up and become better.

 I lift in the dark, in the rain, in the snow, with the wind blowing 50 miles an hour sideways, it doesn't matter.  I go to my mancave, my gym, my safe haven and let go of everything.  Nothing in the world can bring me down when I am inside that 8x10 garage giving it everything I have.

Lifting weights gives me the energy, the desire, the passion, and the dedication I need to live my life with a positive attitude.  Remember that little break between lifting years I mentioned?  I was always a negative nancy with a hatred so bad I caused myself to be alienated. A positive attitude gives me hope, gives me commitment, gives me love for my family and my life, and pushes me to become stronger.

It's with weights in your hand that are crushing your lungs or pushing your spinal cord down that you really understand what good there is in life and what it takes to enjoy it.

 Lifting weights has brought me to a point in my life that nothing else would've ever done for me.  I care not for politics and bullshit problems apparently occurring in our country. It made me want more out of life than 9 to 5ing it and settling for what the man feeds me.  I opened my mind and increase my knowledge daily because lifting weights showed me there's more out there.

The barbells and weight plates are my closest friends besides my wife and family. Quoting Henry Rollins over here, they don't lie to me, they don't talk shit, they never change, and they constantly challenge me.

Lifting weights is the purest passion and purpose in my life. I choose lifting weights instead of watching TV and I'd pass on a few beers down at the pub to get my lifts in for the day.  It's what matters. Lifting weights has turned me into a man that my wife can trust and look up to.  She knows she's in good hands and sometimes ;) she watches.

I used to think life was hard and bullshit stupid. I hated everyone, everything, and every minute of it.  There was nothing on Earth for me.  I was a wasted life with no direction or cause. Until I picked that barbell up again and swore to it that from that moment forward I wasn't ever going to leave anything behind.

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