Thursday, October 25, 2012

Small Thinking

Back in the day I used to think I was a failure.  There was no way I could ever be something more than a landscaper or a grocery store stockboy.  My parents told me I'd never be able to play in the NBA or in the World Series when I was like under 9 years old.  Boy.. I could smack them right now!  HA HA!

Even when I was older I had so much resistance for many things.  I once said I was setting off on a 3 month trip to walk the Appalachian Mountain Trail and was told I couldn't do it and that I'd die.  Really?  Wow! But that resistance inside from being taught to be a small thinker held me back and I never walked the trail. The more I think about this stuff the more I realize I was FED it for so long! Everyday, every year, at home, in church, at school, my friends and family.  People hated to Think BIG!  Small Thinking is easier right?

Sticking to a 40 year career to retire on Social Security is easier then going out and making a legend out of yourself- right?  I am done with that thinking and the people around me who think this way.

Small thinking had it's effects on my lifting and fitness.  I would get myself down before I even warmed up saying that I was not going to be able to lift that weight or push that prowler more than 4 times.  It was all in my head.  Small thinking.

I have these goals for my life that people laugh at. I've been told by CLOSE people that there is NO WAY I can do it.  Not in the "push me to excel" way so they can see me become more.  In the way that they just think small and know if it were them- they wouldn't even try.  That aint me baby!  I think big.  Real big.

Before, when I was a small town small thinker my life was boring. There'd be times when I'd say "I'm bored" and not know what to do.  That's long gone.  There is just way too much "stuff" to do in this world to ever be bored.  That there is small thinking.

Thinking that something is impossible will crush you and hurt the amazing capabilities you have inside yourself.  You are better than that.  I keep telling everyone through my blog, my fitness programs, and just my actions that small thinking is wrong.  We were designed to be amazing creatures on this Earth.  People have said that we are capable of doing 20 times MORE than WE THINK we can and I know it's true.

YOU can DO ANYTHING YOU put your mind to.  I've said it once and I'm going to keep saying it. I'm going to feed it to you constantly so that the Small Thinking that was force fed to you in schools and jobs you've had makes it's way out of your mind.

Come to my gym and tell me you CAN'T do something and by the end of the class you WILL DO IT.  If you resist it so hard I'll kick you out.  There's no room for small thinking at Activate Fitness.  WE are better and SMARTER than that!

Get your mind straight, find your mental weakness and kick it out of your mind!  Think Big and Don't Settle For NO or CAN'T.  Because... you can.

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