Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gym in Hackettstown.. On Wheels!

I just wanted to drop a post today about a different part of Activate Fitness's business.

As people know I train out of NJ Core MMA's studio on Main Street in Hackettstown and also out of my home, in Mount Olive, where I have all kinds of weights, a squat rack, sandbags and other cool stuff.

What not too many people know is I am also an "On Wheels" guy.  Have passion to gain strength will travel.

I started Activate Fitness as an In Home personal training company and quickly decided I wanted more of a group style of training. But....

Activate Fitness will go anywhere you want.

You have a student athlete that wants to train and you'd rather him do it at home? I can come there.


Parking Lots

Outside the studio on Main Street

Under a bridge

In your basement

In your garage

On your Driveway

I go anywhere.

This is perfect for parents who feel "weird" about a New Strength Coach offering all of their kids Free training for the rest of the year out of his small garage gym.  Yes, I am that guy and if that makes you uneasy- I'll go to your home.

Big Gyms are becoming a thing of the past and a New Era of Fitness is here.

Anywhere you can stand, sit, scream, punch, throw, anywhere... you can train.

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

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