Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Better Version

"How about a better version of the way that I am?
How about a better version that makes me understand?
How about a better version of the way that I am?
The way I look, The way I speak,
How about a better version of me?"

Everyday I strive to become a better version of who I am. Whether it's lifting, love, work.. whatever it is- I try to become a better version of what I am now. 

One of the biggest goals I have in life is a lifetime goal.  It's not something that will happen and then be over.  It's not something that comes within a year or two.  It molds itself everyday and that is to become the strongest person I can become.  The best person I can become. 

I do this daily by learning, lifting, loving, and recovering. Not one day goes by where I don't learn something new.  I've come a long way in my journey so far and feel as if I haven't even scratched the surface of who i truly am. 

There is more to me then what I give out now, then what I am currently capable of.  I am stronger.  I am smarter.  I am more compassionate and nicer.  I am working on it.

I keep on keeping on through the daily fights.  The daily successes and failures.  I am becoming a better version of me. 

When you are done becoming you- you're dead.  Life doesn't end when you get old, retire, lose a friend, or a job.  Life is a continuous battle to be the best you can be and it never ceases. Many of the world's greatest minds and people have continued to increase their knowledge until the day they died.  Theodore Roosevelt had a book under his pillow when they found him dead.  Jack LaLanne ran MILES the day before he died.

Everyday we need to grow.  For the goodness of your mind, body, and soul. Ceasing to grow weakens your core self.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama says the purpose of life is happiness and it is something you have to work for and through for your entire life.  

What are you doing daily to be a better version of you?  

What goals have you set that will build this better version?

This weekend I am going to take an intense course to become a Certified Underground Strength Coach.  

Am I ready for that level?  HELL NO- but I am going anyway.  The experience that I will receive when I complete the course will help me take the next step in becoming a better version of myself.  

This coming weekend is going to be the biggest challenge I ever faced and my mind is playing tricks on me already.  It's saying things like "You don't deserve to do this."  "You're not strong enough to do this." "You don't look like some of the guys who completed it."  "This is going to be too hard for you."

Holy shit!  That's the battle I am fighting everyday now and it is going to make me better.  It's the next step in the greatness I am striving for.  I'm not doing this for the "USC" letters I can put after my name or the logo I can plaster all over my blog and website.  I want to learn.  I NEED to learn.  I have a passion for learning and absorbing as much knowledge as I can and I find no better place then the Underground to go and get it.

Everyday set yourself one small goal that will help you become a better version of you.

I am hosting a Biggest Loser Challenge starting October 27th running through December 22nd in Hackettstown.  9 weeks of intense training with a cash prize to the winner.  Part of becoming a better version is taking challenges and running with them.  Are you up to the challenge?  Are you looking for something different that will bring you out of your comfort zone? I only have a few spots left for this challenge and if you want in- email me.

Today I am becoming a better version of who I am through some reading I've been putting off.  I have some quiet time to get through the pages and I am focused big time on learning something new.  Tomorrow- I will do more in my workouts and through my nutrition to become better- stronger- and smarter. 

Never waste a day!  Always improve on something.  Anything.  Just get out there and learn.  

"What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say." RWE- Wow, what a quote.  Don't just think and say you'll improve or make that effort tomorrow- do it now.  Saying yes and actually doing are totally different.  Get up and do it now.

“Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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