Friday, October 26, 2012

Hackettstown: Getting In Shape!

How many people are out there that spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every year to get lean or lose that last 10 pounds?

How many people do the same thing over and over again- Going on a diet and losing weight, getting compliments, and then quit- only to fall back to that overweight state they were in before their journey began?

There are many women that "workout" with classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, and cardio kickboxing maximum calorie burning dance sessions that are weak. Very weak in fact.  Some, so weak they can't carry a gallon of milk from the dairy aisle to the checkout counter with one hand.  Carrying the groceries in from the car should not make us winded, and climbing a flight of stairs shouldn't put the knees on the hands. 

More crazy then that, some people talk and talk about how they WANT to get in shape and start a program, but every year they gain and gain and fall into a deep dark depression. 

I'm being honest and truthful.  No sugarcoating. No BS.  No trying to not offend anyone.

America is in a sad state of health and fitness and we get laughed at by other countries.  Sure we have the 1% who are extremely fit but there are over 85% of the people in this population that would be DEAD if we still lived like our pioneers. 

It's not funny and most people in that population think "Oh BS... because we are so advanced now blah blah.." Really?  

Just because a pill can save your life and a car accident's tragic victim can give you a new lung doesn't mean you can/or should just throw your life to the Cheetos. 

Exercise is hard but it's needed.  It's needed to be tough and I use that word in a sense of emotional, mental, and physical balance. To stay in a state of health that makes you thrive further and live longer- while- being happier.

To me this makes sense and I am glad Exercise is in my life. It keeps me strong, it keeps me moving- forward, and I have this balance that is amazing.  So amazing in fact, that when I wake up I am excited, when I see my wife I smile, when I train others to get to this point I am happy, and when I get physical in the gym through my own personal fitness goals I am AMPED to Get Er Done! 

If you want to learn more or if something here struck you as an "aha" moment, don't hesitate to ask me questions.  My passion and purpose is helping others excel through motivation and coaching, exercise and training is the highway I've chosen. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Small Thinking

Back in the day I used to think I was a failure.  There was no way I could ever be something more than a landscaper or a grocery store stockboy.  My parents told me I'd never be able to play in the NBA or in the World Series when I was like under 9 years old.  Boy.. I could smack them right now!  HA HA!

Even when I was older I had so much resistance for many things.  I once said I was setting off on a 3 month trip to walk the Appalachian Mountain Trail and was told I couldn't do it and that I'd die.  Really?  Wow! But that resistance inside from being taught to be a small thinker held me back and I never walked the trail. The more I think about this stuff the more I realize I was FED it for so long! Everyday, every year, at home, in church, at school, my friends and family.  People hated to Think BIG!  Small Thinking is easier right?

Sticking to a 40 year career to retire on Social Security is easier then going out and making a legend out of yourself- right?  I am done with that thinking and the people around me who think this way.

Small thinking had it's effects on my lifting and fitness.  I would get myself down before I even warmed up saying that I was not going to be able to lift that weight or push that prowler more than 4 times.  It was all in my head.  Small thinking.

I have these goals for my life that people laugh at. I've been told by CLOSE people that there is NO WAY I can do it.  Not in the "push me to excel" way so they can see me become more.  In the way that they just think small and know if it were them- they wouldn't even try.  That aint me baby!  I think big.  Real big.

Before, when I was a small town small thinker my life was boring. There'd be times when I'd say "I'm bored" and not know what to do.  That's long gone.  There is just way too much "stuff" to do in this world to ever be bored.  That there is small thinking.

Thinking that something is impossible will crush you and hurt the amazing capabilities you have inside yourself.  You are better than that.  I keep telling everyone through my blog, my fitness programs, and just my actions that small thinking is wrong.  We were designed to be amazing creatures on this Earth.  People have said that we are capable of doing 20 times MORE than WE THINK we can and I know it's true.

YOU can DO ANYTHING YOU put your mind to.  I've said it once and I'm going to keep saying it. I'm going to feed it to you constantly so that the Small Thinking that was force fed to you in schools and jobs you've had makes it's way out of your mind.

Come to my gym and tell me you CAN'T do something and by the end of the class you WILL DO IT.  If you resist it so hard I'll kick you out.  There's no room for small thinking at Activate Fitness.  WE are better and SMARTER than that!

Get your mind straight, find your mental weakness and kick it out of your mind!  Think Big and Don't Settle For NO or CAN'T.  Because... you can.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why I Love to Lift Weights

Back in the day when I was a young teen I started lifting weights with my Dad's sand filled and concrete filled weights.  A bar about 4 foot long that was hollow in the center and an old bench.  I used to go into the basement and lift weights until I had enough.  I never went down there with a plan.  It was awesome.  Eventually as time went on I added weights, machines, and barbells and began getting a litter crazier.  I will always remember doing 100 rep sets with like 55 pounds of bent over rows and immediately- some how- got the bar over my shoulders and did 100 rep sets of squats- then I'd go and do 100 or so pulldowns and tricep pushdowns.  Nuts. I did this 10 times maybe and called it a day.

I never worried about sets and reps or weights.  I just wanted to lift heavy and kick ass.  My next door neighbor had some weights and we used to switch houses and lift together for hours.  It was great!  Summers in the basement lifting, then baseball or football outside, followed by WWF wrestling in the pool.

Then as I started to get older and fall into a bad place I left that life.  I didn't touch a weight, let alone play a sport or even run for a few years.  I went from an active kid who played sports year round while lifting weights all the time to someone who was not a good role model and a waste of space.

I even remember lifting weights in the weight room at school during gym class, going home lifting more weights, and then going with my buddies to the gym to lift more weights. I never had a plan or tried to lift heavier and heavier or whatever- I just did it.

So after a few years of bumming it up I finally started lifting again and knew right away my hands were meant for a barbell. I got right back into the swing of things and my life shot directly towards living the fitness lifestyle.

I love to lift weights.  It's in my blood and it feels amazing.  I hate it sometimes but it's a love filled hate that always forces me to improve.  Lifting weights gives me a sense of balance and peacefulness. It releases anger and frustration and induces growth- both mentally and emotionally.. and physically.

When I feel down or tired, beat up and depressed, or just plain lazy I go and lift.  It forces me to shut the hell up and become better.

 I lift in the dark, in the rain, in the snow, with the wind blowing 50 miles an hour sideways, it doesn't matter.  I go to my mancave, my gym, my safe haven and let go of everything.  Nothing in the world can bring me down when I am inside that 8x10 garage giving it everything I have.

Lifting weights gives me the energy, the desire, the passion, and the dedication I need to live my life with a positive attitude.  Remember that little break between lifting years I mentioned?  I was always a negative nancy with a hatred so bad I caused myself to be alienated. A positive attitude gives me hope, gives me commitment, gives me love for my family and my life, and pushes me to become stronger.

It's with weights in your hand that are crushing your lungs or pushing your spinal cord down that you really understand what good there is in life and what it takes to enjoy it.

 Lifting weights has brought me to a point in my life that nothing else would've ever done for me.  I care not for politics and bullshit problems apparently occurring in our country. It made me want more out of life than 9 to 5ing it and settling for what the man feeds me.  I opened my mind and increase my knowledge daily because lifting weights showed me there's more out there.

The barbells and weight plates are my closest friends besides my wife and family. Quoting Henry Rollins over here, they don't lie to me, they don't talk shit, they never change, and they constantly challenge me.

Lifting weights is the purest passion and purpose in my life. I choose lifting weights instead of watching TV and I'd pass on a few beers down at the pub to get my lifts in for the day.  It's what matters. Lifting weights has turned me into a man that my wife can trust and look up to.  She knows she's in good hands and sometimes ;) she watches.

I used to think life was hard and bullshit stupid. I hated everyone, everything, and every minute of it.  There was nothing on Earth for me.  I was a wasted life with no direction or cause. Until I picked that barbell up again and swore to it that from that moment forward I wasn't ever going to leave anything behind.

Youth Foundation Bodyweight Fitness Program

Activate Fitness will be running a Youth Foundation Bodyweight Fitness Program starting on November 3rd, 2012, 8am at 229 Main Street Hackettstown, NJ. Eligible for this program are all youths ages 9 to 12 who are looking to develop a base for health and fitness. 

The Youth Foundation Bodyweight Fitness Program will run every Saturday at 8am at the same location. The program is designed to establish proper body mechanics while increasing strength and muscle mass through bodyweight movements while increasing self confidence.

**Activate Fitness will also offer the Youth Class on Tuesdays at 5pm. Same location.**

The program includes the following:

Proper Stretching and Flexibility Training.
Upper body training through Push-Ups and more.
Lower Body training through Squats, lunges, and hops with Bodyweight only.
Active movements such as skipping, running, hopping, and more.
Team work with various exercises such as wheel barrow walks.
Core training for Strength and Stability.
Rope work
And Much More

All of the youths will increase their strength, confidence, and work ethic through this program. Training is more than getting fit and healthy. Activate Fitness wants the youths in the program to become better people through hard work and dedication.

The program is to start the foundation of strength and conditioning for children so as they get older and more involved in sports they have something to work off of. As an advanced trainer body weight movements are still key and always a part of the programs. If you are looking to get your children started in fitness the right way this program will help them greatly.

All classes are ONLY $5. No commitment, no contracts, no month to month bills. Cash only. 

SPACE IS REALLY LIMITED to ONLY 8 Kids from ages 9-12. If interested please contact Mike at Activate Fitness as soon as possible to reserve a spot.

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified
Underground Certified Strength Coach

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You can do anything you put your mind to.

"We all talk to ourselves. A major key to success exists in what we say to ourselves, which helps to shape our attitude and mindset."
Darren L. Johnson 

And NEVER forget that and NEVER suppress it. 

We talk to ourselves all the time.  Most people stop it before it gets too deep or out of the fear of becoming (or being looked at) insane. What do you say to yourself all day?  If you're like most people you say No or I Can't. 

That negative mindset does not get you anywhere and will hold back the greatest joys of life without fail. It's easy though.  It's easier for us to say NO or to avoid anything hard in life then it is to fail and feel hurt or let down. We fear being embarrassed or humiliated- even from family and friends.  We learned this fear back in the days of school when you may have thrown up in the hallway or shit your pants after a wicked school lunch.  Kids laughed and it hurt.  But we need to get over it and stop letting that fear crush our livelihoods.  

You can do anything you put your mind to.

We've all heard that saying- TIME after TIME after TIME.  Our parents said it, TV shows say it, Think and Grow Rich said it. Then why are there so many people left in this world who don't even try to put their mind to it?

It's hard to walk into the unknown but it's the only way you'll ever push through to a successful life. I rented a studio space without enough clients to cover the rent, I went to a certification (actually 2) with a fear of failing and a stomach waiting to throw up yesterday's dinner.  Once, I stood up to a dude twice my side who was talking shit to a girl with the party I was in and my f**king knees- I kid you not- were shaking all the way down to my toes.  I knew this badass would've knocked me out in one shot but he crossed the line and my mind told me I needed to say something.

I walked out of that situation with a clearer picture of life.  It lasted 2 minutes long and I was forever a changed person.  I never knew I was capable of doing that shit.  I put my mind to it and I didn't leave with a black eye.

When I first started this blog- I never wrote before.  I never had training or schooling in writing and I failed English in my one semester of college. I never knew how to organize thoughts and create a story but I put my mind to it and went to work.  I may not be good at this blogging stuff but I keep doing it and keep putting my mind to work so one day it does come out knowledgeable.

You can do anything you put your mind to. 

Right now put this blog post down, get to a quiet place with no tech shit, no family, no TV, no distractions, and ask yourself what you want most in life.  It could be you want a better job or a nicer house.  Maybe you want a better relationship or a healthier- fitter body. Perhaps you want to retire with millions and never work again.

Take a few minutes and think about what it is you want most.  When you're done and you have it figured out- get to work. Right now.  There's no point in waiting.  Finish reading this post later.

Napoleon Hill once said something along the lines of "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."  It just takes hard work, time, and a burning desire to succeed at whatever it is you want most.

When my clients come to train with me and seek my guidance and knowledge I give them the tools needed.  My workouts are hard, I give true diet advice, and I explain that persistence is needed.  What the results are is not up to me.  I do my job.  It's up to their own actions.  They can come kick ass 2 or 3 times a week at my classes and NEVER get fitter, lose weight, or become healthier.  Is that my fault?  Not in the least. They know they need to do their work on their own time.  I can't feed them, make them sleep, and exercise on their free time.  I can tell them that's what they should do- but it's up to what's inside their mind if they ever succeed.

Some achieve success quicker than others because they're action takers, planners, and they put their minds to work.  They plan their life with a pad and pencil and listen to audiobooks while driving instead of music.  They stay up late at night working when most are watching American Idol and they wake early and do more before most even awake for their day.

It's all up to you and it's all up in your mind.  

Here's a pic of me at Hackettstown's Community Day.  Up in that mind there I feared this day big time.  It made me nauseous and I spent money I didn't have on that banner, flyers, and threw together a push up contest with no idea what to expect.  I put my mind to work and just did it. Was it hard?  Hell yes but I wanted to do it and knew I needed to so I put my mind to it and the day was awesome!

When you start a journey to lose weight or build strength or increase muscle mass you need to put your mind into action and commit to success. A few days here or there and a poor diet today and tomorrow followed by a day of clean eating only to go back to a poor diet will not get you the results you want.  You know you want those results.  Your heart cries for them everyday through your struggles and when they don't come, it's because your mind isn't in the right place.  Figure out what you want, plan the actions, take the actions, and stay with it.  Failing happens.  I spent a shit ton of money for that community day and got no return on investment out of it.  I failed that day in business standards- but in reality I won.  I succeeded.  I defeated my negative mindset and fear of being in front of people and for that I am happy I failed.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Are you a Doer or a Whiner?

That's a pic of me at an MMA Studio on Main Street in Hackettstown that I sublease.  I had 3 paying clients and a baby on it's way into the world when I shook hands with NJ Core MMA's owner in agreement.  I couldn't cover the rent.  I had the first month's rent that I was saving for a rainy day for awhile and decided- I needed to do it.

I jumped into the unknown wondering if I'd be able to stay at the studio and if I would have to go in my personal pockets to find the cash.  I didn't whine and complain about it.  I just did it. I'm a Doer.

I see so many people on Facebook, Twitter,, and many other websites, magazines, radio shows, and television Whining like a bunch of pansies and babies.  Complaining that shit isn't handed to them on a silver platter. Feeling entitled to something that they should work their asses off for but just want handed to them.

People bleed the US Government dry from Unemployment and Disability (There are the few who Deserve it) when instead they just need to get off their asses and work hard.  I hear it all the time- people whining about the economy and jobs being lost overseas or just "not" here.  Gas prices are too high they'll say, eating healthy is just too expensive the others say, I can't afford a book or I'd rather watch NCIS instead of furthering my intelligence most say.

It's time to stand up and throw away the whining.

I was asked over the weekend.  Mike, what's your niche?  I said, "I don't know! I train women, a few men, a few football guys but never really established a true niche.

"Oh man you need a niche!  You need to single it down."


"Well you can train athletes.  Or you can train just women in boot camps or have a CrossFit gym or a Men's Only business."

I didn't have an answer.  I train everyone with any goals- it doesn't matter to me.

Then I asked myself what does matter? What matters about the training you do and the people you serve?  

The Niche!

Yes I want to train Athletes, Yes I want to train groups of women and men boot camps.. so what makes these people stand out?

They want to Kick Ass. They want MORE.  They're Doers.  They're not tire kicking pansies who talk smack and never act.  They're dedicated, demanding, and determined.

If someone comes to train and they don't fit that mold they are told Activate Fitness is not for them- but... there's a Zumba at the Church next door..

Are you a Doer?

Doers are active, energetic and they get things done- with commitment and vigor. They don't care if it rains or if they're tired.  They don't make excuses on why they can't come to the gym or how hard the workouts seem.  They dedicate themselves and they DO.

Are you a Whiner?

Whiners complain when it rains, when there's bumper to bumper traffic, and when Gas Prices go up.  They cry to the government that there are no jobs and shit is too expensive. Whiners moan when they "have" to exercise- they NEVER do it because they want to or because it's good for the body.  Instead, they whine it's too hard. 

^^ She's a Doer x100

3 jobs, a tutoring side gig, and with a late night lifestyle she gets Shit done BIG time!

The balls in your court.  This is YOUR life and you only get a short one at best. Life is hard, is greedy, is dangerous, but YOU can kick it's ass everyday and make the BEST of it.  Stop waiting for someone to say it's ok for the day to be perfect, or for the sale to be affordable- it never will be.  Do it Now or Live like a Whiner.

Check out these links below.  Are you a Doer?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lose Fat in Hackettstown and Mount Olive!

When the time comes and you realize it's time that you now need to lose some excess body weight and get into better shape- what is the first thing you think of?

Most likely it's one of two things- you either focus on the food you eat or you make the decision to exercise.

The two choices have two problems.  Most people do not know what a proper diet consists of and most people have no idea how to properly and safely exercise.

So what happens?

Two things again happen- people stop eating "bad" foods or less food in general, sometimes starving themselves and for exercise they jump on a bike, treadmill, or some other cardio machine.

While results can come from doing the above options, they won't be lasting and the effects will not lead to the positive side of health and fitness. Think of diet and exercise like you were to start driving at 16 or 17 years old.  You never have driven a car before, the foot and mind connection is not established with the gas pedal and brakes and the hands are too tight for the steering wheel.  You'll crash. Jumping into a diet and exercise without proper planning and education with cause you to crash, and like most you'll quit before you even get started.

Many people need to establish a foundation of fitness and strength before they start going crazy and kicking ass in the gym, the Zumba floor, or whatever else they choose to use to burn fat. It's hard for people to grab the notion that a few weeks in the beginning of your journey need to be used as education and brick laying.  Results take time and you won't go from cleared ground to skyscraper in a few weeks. A house isn't built without excavators and masons coming in first to start the project.  Even before them comes the Architects, engineers, and surveyors.  They do the planning, the masons and excavators do the building of the foundation and THEN and only then do the framer's come in.

Fitness is the same way.  You can't build a beach body without planning and foundation building.  The problem our society faces is that this takes effort and time and most people WANT IT NOW.  Well if that is what you want then go do your own thing and end up in the never ending cycle of failure after failure.  I'm quite sure we all have a family member or friend who starts a diet from a Best Selling Book or an Exercise program As Seen on TV.  They start off excited, get little results, quit, go back to their old ways, and then jump on the latest Amazon Top Selling Diet. Never completing their desired task.

The right one is the hard way and as a young teenager eager to drive they first need lessons and therefore hire a coach.  Guitar players seek teachers. Cops go through training. Kids in love with soccer join clubs to play more then they practice so they can get better. Writer's write and write and write and seek people to read their work in order to put things together and make a book. Out of shape people and people looking to lose fat need to and should indeed hire a coach or trainer.

It's hard to except the fact that we need this education and inspiration when corporate gyms tell us we don't and you can go run on their machines for $19 a month. People question themselves "Why I am going to pay ten times that amount for this gym that teaches you, coaches you, and holds you accountable when I can go here and save so much money?"

If someone were to build a house they'd want quality materials.  Materials and construction that will hold up to the elements and last a lifetime.  They don't want materials that deteriorate rapidly which would cause the home to be rebuilt year after year. Why would they subject their bodies to the same weak, poorly assembled and inexpensive materials only to rebuild and start over every year?

There's a right way and a wrong way.  A cheap way and a quality way. A long, hard, correct way and a shortcut. In anything in life.  Look around at shortcuts, cheap materials, wrong actions and see what and where the good is. The time, effort, and money spent on things that need to be replaced or rebuilt year after year is foolish.  This is why we buy quality cars, quality wood for our homes, quality computers for our work and homes- but why do we buy cheap, unhealthy, processed foods and cheap gym memberships that don't cause change in our lives?

Its your body, it's your health, and it's your life.  The most important thing in the world.  Treat it well, properly, and with good diet and proper exercise and you'll live a healthier life.  Throw in quick fixes and chemical foods and you may visit the ground earlier then you ever imagined.

Strength and Conditioning Fitness Camps that Bring Results!

Email ActivateFitnessPT AT Gmail Dot Com for more information on how you get in shape the right way.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flip the switch

"I'm about to tear shit up
Goosebumps? Yea I'm a make your hair sit up..Eminem"

I know many people who do not like to lift weights, run, walk, jog, do CrossFit, do Yoga or Pilates, watch what they eat, and they don't even like to- or want to- become better. It's not hard to notice there is something wrong in this society that is going to cause more problems for close minded people then what they currently go through.

Life is hard there is no question about it.  I once lived under a bridge for a week while I ate catfish, sunfish, and had nothing to call "mine".  I bounced around from couch to car to couch to sleeping bag on the floor and all over again.  I hated life.  Everything pissed me off.  Politics bothered me, Rich people made me angrier, high school students driving cars from their parents made me furious, and the lack of jobs (so I thought) put me in a deep nothingness. 

Then, one day, when I found a stable location to live I started asking for divine intervention.  I needed something- anything- to come to my life that made everything "easier".  Everyday for months I spoke to my mind and the man above to help me live.  That's all I wanted. A life.  Something more than worrying about food and a place to live.  I wanted to stop blaming other people and have the ability to stand tall and shout "F**K You" to negative shit running through my head.

As time went on I had a few jobs that sucked, I started lifting again, I quit worrying about the necessities and continued to seek more.  I started working at a job I am still at today, as a Medical Biller with my Mother's business and that was the foundation for all that was to come.  I finally had a steady paycheck and guidance, from my mom, family, and co workers, and then I started to expand my mind. 

The problem, starting before the bridge life and onwards, was my mindset.  I was a nasty and negative dweller.  Sure I always smiled, joked, had fun, knew had to party, and people liked me- but inside I was a tear out of the eye away from death. I noticed the problem and went to work on fixing it. 

So my mindset shifted and I was happy- finally after 6-8 years I had happiness. I was excited for this new life I was living and it showed.  I was being noticed by women and my social life was growing.  This is when I met the most loving person I ever met in my life- my now wife.  She took that change I was flying through and put me into overdrive.

Needless to say I went from a homeless bum to a home-owning family man relatively quick. It all started in my mind.

 Now, as a Fitness Trainer I feel the need to pay it forward and give back to people in need. A lot of people's problems aren't even problems, quoting Randy Pausch from The Last Lecture. When you really think about your life and all of the small hassles we go through- they mean nothing.  If we wake up in the morning we have to be thankful for life and stoked to be alive.  We need to pay the opportunity to be alive forward and Kick Ass throughout our days. 

There is no time to be weak, to be tired, to be close minded and negative.  There is also no need for it.  I see it all the time- armless Bodybuilding women, men in wheelchairs competing in shows, Kyle Maynard f**king fighting in the octagon!  FIGHTING- in MMA and lifting weights most people can't budge.  Does he sit there and complain about Romney and Obama?  No way.  He's too busy being positive and kicking ass.

I was watching the debate the other day and the questions made me facepalm myself.  People crying about jobs and asking what "they" are going to do to create more.  Let me tell you right now- they are not going to do shit for you.  Why?  They don't care.  Nobody cares. 

These people were asking why this and that is expensive and how "they" will make it more affordable.  NEWSFLASH- there is nothing on their agendas that is going to drive food prices down.  They don't care.  If anything, they'll pay big corporations to make fake chemical laden food products that cost pennies so people can feel a little full. You need to go out there and get it.  Nobody will hand you anything or make it easier for you.

When I was broke, homeless, and angry I always expected someone to help me.  GIVE ME. Why are people so selfish and how come nobody is willing to buy me dinner? 

That train of thought got me nowhere. Unemployment collection will get you nowhere.  You may sustain a living but is it really a life? There's more to life then paying your rent and working a 9 to 5. There's more than sitting down to watch DVDs and the latest hottest television shows.

Flip the switch right now and become something more.  I know you're fed up with the way your life is right now.  Now it's time to make it better.  DO it now.  Time wasted is time lost.  The only way to push through the pain is to flip the switch and get into action at this very moment. 99% of the people reading this won't do anything right now to flip their switch and that's why there's the 1% who have everything they want.  They are the Doers. I just finished the Underground Strength Coach Certification and my mind told me before I pushed the add to cart button that I wasn't ready.  I felt I wasn't strong enough or fit enough and if I would've listened I would have missed out on one of the best and most important things I ever did in my life. I flipped the switch from negative to positive and I am so grateful for doing so.  Stand up, dust yourself off, and make the move you've putting off- RIGHT NOW.  Flip that f**king switch!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Men's Strength and Fitness BOOT CAMP

SHOCKING Workout Environment making Men out of boys!!

Calling ALL MEN in the Hackettstown/Mount Olive/Long Valley Area!

If you're tired of being sick and tired, tired of working out inside four walls, and up for a serious challenge then look no further because what you'll find here will shock you!

Do you ever feel like you are a weak man and envy other guys around you who are stronger and more confident?  Have you tried workout after workout inside the Corporate Box Gyms while failing to ever see results?

Dear Local Friend-

My name is Mike Corona, I am a Certified Fitness Specialist and I was in that exact position.  I came out of a huge slump in my life where I was once homeless living under a bridge fishing for my food and bouncing around between hotel after hotel or friends houses.. until one day I caught a lucky break and was offered a roof and food.  

At this house there was a detached garage in the backyard and inside were some weights, a bar, and a bench and the day I saw that stuff collecting dust my life changed forever.  I went out there everyday and did some kind of workout.  Lifting weights in the freezing cold and pouring rain- I loved it.  

During this time of lifting weights outside I changed. I become motivated and hungry for more in life.  I wanted to become something bigger.  I looked around and saw all the "men" kicking ass and living well.  I got jealous, seriously- pissed at the world. 

I started talking to God and asked for something more and the road I landed on shocked me like nothing ever before.  I quickly met a woman who I quickly married and things turned around FAST.  I moved to Hackettstown- actually Mount Olive- and we bought our first house.  Hopefully our only house ever because it's awesome here.  

During the time in between I continued to lift and I was forced to train at Corporate Gyms like Retro and a local 24 hour one on Main Street in Htown.  I hated IT!!! Everyone was just going through the motions and NOBODY was KICKING ASS- NOBODY! It made me hate training, lifting, eating right- and I just wanted to quit.  

The last straw was when this local gym decided to sell their squat rack to make room for CrossFit stuff.  Hey that's cool- BUT- that was the only piece of equipment I ever used there.  I left.  I went home and made a homemade squat rack out of 2x4's and proceeded to lift in my basement- with Cave Crickets, Wolf Spiders, Fuzzy looking Caterpillars, and Stink Bugs.  I LOVED IT!  I went from a -10 on the motivation scale to a 50 over night.  A few weeks of that and I was offered an offer I couldn't refuse for a Squat Rack and like 500 pounds of weight.  I bought it quickly and removed everything out of my little 8x10 garage and threw it in the basement.

THIS^^^ Was now HOME!  I was amped and ready to go.  Cold weather?  Who cares!! Hot weather? Bring IT!! I had my mancave and my motivation was SET TO OVERDRIVE!  I became one with the weights, the bars, the sled, the rack- and my progress has never been better. More importantly- throughout all of this crazy stuff that was going on- I became a man.  I literally went from being a "little boy" who wanted things handed to him because he felt he deserved them- to becoming a man who knows how to kick ass and TAKE the things he wants.  I no longer expect things- I create them.  I learned a lot of hardcore life lessons at a young age and took it to my training and NEVER felt better.

In between all this Kick Ass stuff about my Garage Gym, marriage, and Box Gyms that cost pennies because they suck, I became a Personal Trainer and started Activate Fitness. I knew I needed to help spread this word, this philosophy, this style of training, and this LIFESTYLE so I became a trainer and went to work for MYSELF to help as many people as I can.  I didn't jump into a local sports club or box gym to train because that shit is NOT who I am.  I don't agree with what they preach and I knew I'd never fit in.  

I started training a lady in her living room and quickly we moved to my garage and driveway and she brought her friends along with her.  Now, I do sublease a studio gym where I have boot camp style classes- BUT THIS Strength and Fitness BOOT CAMP is totally a different story.

I'm starting my Men's Strength and Fitness Boot Camp at my home, in my driveway, and small garage gym because it's my headquarters.  This is a place where results happen.  It's hardcore.  It's open to the elements and it's the foundation of all Activate Fitness is.  

"Like a CLUB for MEN that turns Boy Scouts into Deadly Weapons."

Sure it's getting colder each day and darker faster- BUT that SHIT only CONCERNS the WIMPS!!  

This Men's Boot Camp is NOT what your wives are doing or what the Stay at Home Mom's Do.  The training is HARDCORE, OLD SCHOOL, UNDERGROUND, and Filled with HARD WORK!

MY #1 Goal is to turn weak, scared, broke, sick, tired, lonely MEN into REAL HARDCORE DETERMINED MEN! AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!! 

Let's FACE IT right here and right now.  "MEN" nowadays ARE NOT REAL MEN like our Grandfathers, Fathers, and Great Grandfathers were.  Nowadays we have to worry about hurting someone's feelings, listening to an angry wife who WE FEAR because WE WANT SEX so WE DO WHATEVER WE'RE TOLD, we sit and watch TV because it's exciting, we PAY PEOPLE to cut our grass and plant our trees, we spend our time wasting our energy BICKERING online at public forums, WE DON'T Stand Up FOR OURSELVES because we're WEAK and SCARED. We FEAR for Job Security every day WHEN WE SHOULD BE MAKING BIG THINGS HAPPEN in OUR LIFE! 


Sure I am not being politically correct and I may be talking a bunch of shit BUT LET's FACE IT- this is truth.  Don't deny it.  How many hardcore men do you know that lift weights in the snow and get brutally strong day in and day out? We want towel service and locker rooms.  We want water fountains and televisions above our machines.  We want weight machines that you SIT IN instead of getting UNDER THE BAR! 

Not here- NOT NOW!

If you are serious about getting into shape and TURNING your life around I INVITE you to come train at Activate Fitness Headquarters to see if YOU are STRONG Enough!  

If you're looking to-

Build Muscle
Burn Fat
Build SERIOUS Real World Strength
Have Fun

Then this Men's Strength and Fitness Boot Camp in Hackettstown is FOR YOU!

My classes will be CAPPED at 10 people because I want to ensure you that you get PERSONAL Coaching, MAXIMUM Results, and DEDICATED Service.


Because I want to help you turn your life around and get into the best shape possible- this Boot Camp is NOT a Month to Month Membership.  This is a dedicated program for the few MEN out there who want to Succeed at LIFE and for that I only offer 3 month programs or 12 month programs. 

AND- I'm selective in WHO I ALLOW to TRAIN here.  If you don't fit the mold I am looking for and you complain about the cold weather, the hot weather, the rain, the snow, the wind, the difficulty of the training- THEN I DON'T WANT YOU! 

This Shit is NOT EASY!

It's Real World Strength in Real World Environments. If it snows, we train in snow.  If it rains, we're lifting in the rain.

If you're already thinking to yourself while reading this that you might not enjoy it then leave this page NOW.  If you have negative feelings about cold or hot weather- LEAVE NOW. 

If you feel that PASSION and EXCITEMENT inside of you right NOW then contact me for more information to get Started on a NEW LIFESTYLE.

A Stronger, Leaner, Smarter Lifestyle!

If you're READY to start training at Activate Fitness Headquarters and ARE READY to Change YOUR LIFE then contact me FOR YOUR FREE Try-Out!

Email me at ActivateFitnessPT (@)

Right now the training Schedule is as follows:

Saturday Mornings at 7:00AM

Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM- yes it's cold and dark!  You man enough?



Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Better Version

"How about a better version of the way that I am?
How about a better version that makes me understand?
How about a better version of the way that I am?
The way I look, The way I speak,
How about a better version of me?"

Everyday I strive to become a better version of who I am. Whether it's lifting, love, work.. whatever it is- I try to become a better version of what I am now. 

One of the biggest goals I have in life is a lifetime goal.  It's not something that will happen and then be over.  It's not something that comes within a year or two.  It molds itself everyday and that is to become the strongest person I can become.  The best person I can become. 

I do this daily by learning, lifting, loving, and recovering. Not one day goes by where I don't learn something new.  I've come a long way in my journey so far and feel as if I haven't even scratched the surface of who i truly am. 

There is more to me then what I give out now, then what I am currently capable of.  I am stronger.  I am smarter.  I am more compassionate and nicer.  I am working on it.

I keep on keeping on through the daily fights.  The daily successes and failures.  I am becoming a better version of me. 

When you are done becoming you- you're dead.  Life doesn't end when you get old, retire, lose a friend, or a job.  Life is a continuous battle to be the best you can be and it never ceases. Many of the world's greatest minds and people have continued to increase their knowledge until the day they died.  Theodore Roosevelt had a book under his pillow when they found him dead.  Jack LaLanne ran MILES the day before he died.

Everyday we need to grow.  For the goodness of your mind, body, and soul. Ceasing to grow weakens your core self.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama says the purpose of life is happiness and it is something you have to work for and through for your entire life.  

What are you doing daily to be a better version of you?  

What goals have you set that will build this better version?

This weekend I am going to take an intense course to become a Certified Underground Strength Coach.  

Am I ready for that level?  HELL NO- but I am going anyway.  The experience that I will receive when I complete the course will help me take the next step in becoming a better version of myself.  

This coming weekend is going to be the biggest challenge I ever faced and my mind is playing tricks on me already.  It's saying things like "You don't deserve to do this."  "You're not strong enough to do this." "You don't look like some of the guys who completed it."  "This is going to be too hard for you."

Holy shit!  That's the battle I am fighting everyday now and it is going to make me better.  It's the next step in the greatness I am striving for.  I'm not doing this for the "USC" letters I can put after my name or the logo I can plaster all over my blog and website.  I want to learn.  I NEED to learn.  I have a passion for learning and absorbing as much knowledge as I can and I find no better place then the Underground to go and get it.

Everyday set yourself one small goal that will help you become a better version of you.

I am hosting a Biggest Loser Challenge starting October 27th running through December 22nd in Hackettstown.  9 weeks of intense training with a cash prize to the winner.  Part of becoming a better version is taking challenges and running with them.  Are you up to the challenge?  Are you looking for something different that will bring you out of your comfort zone? I only have a few spots left for this challenge and if you want in- email me.

Today I am becoming a better version of who I am through some reading I've been putting off.  I have some quiet time to get through the pages and I am focused big time on learning something new.  Tomorrow- I will do more in my workouts and through my nutrition to become better- stronger- and smarter. 

Never waste a day!  Always improve on something.  Anything.  Just get out there and learn.  

"What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say." RWE- Wow, what a quote.  Don't just think and say you'll improve or make that effort tomorrow- do it now.  Saying yes and actually doing are totally different.  Get up and do it now.

“Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2 Things Needed to Be Able to Train at Activate Fitness

For some people Fitness-or Exercise- means nothing to them.  They may be lazy or unmotivated and feel no need for exercise.  Some people may think their job is strenuous so they feel exercise is not needed. But for some, exercise is almost everything to them- or in the least- important.

At Activate Fitness, I take exercise seriously.  It is not just needed to look good naked.  It is needed for the health of your body and your mind.  Emotional stress and mental stress are dealt with easily with exercise- through physical stress. It's not easy and in fact- it was never meant to be.

Exercise will never get easier. If it does- you're doing it wrong. Exercise was designed to be hard, to induce change in our bodies, and to crush stress at our door. With that said when someone comes to train with me at Activate Fitness they need two things.  Some have both and others don't- but all I ask is that you try to have both and work at it.

Without these two things you will never change your body or become healthier through exercise.  Training at Activate Fitness can AT MOST be up to 6 hours a week.  News flash- there are 168 hours in a week and what you do during the 162 hours you are not training at Activate Fitness will make or break you.

So- in order to train at Activate Fitness and to GET results you need the following two things:

1. A Determined Will To Succeed.

2. A Positive Mental Attitude.

Without these two things you'll never win your fitness battles and you won't be allowed to train at Activate Fitness.

What does that mean?

You need to have an unbreakable, no nonsense determined will to succeed if you expect results at Activate Fitness or in fact- any gym or training facility.  Showing up and going through the motions will not do any good to both your mind and your body. You need to dig down deep and "do what you gotta do" in order to succeed.

Do you ever wonder why you don't get results or why you see people that train and train- year after year- without ever getting any better?  Their will to succeed is lacking.  Someone who WANTS to get results- NEVER EVER EVER Fails to get them.

Also- you can't do it with a Negative Mental Attitude.  You need to be positive and understand things take time.  You have to keep your head up and not let negative emotions ruin your chances at succeeding in your fitness goals. If you're negative about how hard the classes are or how hard it is to eat well, anything that takes you away from a positive mind- you will lack in the results.  Plus- no negativity in the gym.  There are people who are determined to succeed and your negative emotions ruin the atmosphere- I- WE- won't accept it.

So if training at Activate Fitness excites you and gets you motivated and you're ready to tackle the challenges, while possessing those two traits mentioned above, you will get amazing results and be a perfect fit for the gym at Activate Fitness. I look forward to working with you and getting you to where you want to be!


If you're up to a big time challenge check out this Post: Hackettstowns Biggest Loser Challenge

Also don't forget to sign up for Activate Fitness's weekly newsletter above and to the right!  Thanks!

Be kind- SHARE!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hackettstown's Biggest Loser Challenge!

Did You Ever Wish You Could Gain Something From Losing Weight??

Activate Fitness is proud to announce our new 2012 Biggest Loser Challenge!! Cash Prizes!!

Activate Fitness will be starting the Biggest Loser Challenge on October 27th and will run it for 9 weeks until December 22nd. 

Be Hackettstown's Biggest Loser just in time for the Christmas Holiday!

Real workouts producing real results and 1 on 1 Diet Guidance! 

9 weeks.


The time has changed from 8am to 9am!

Every Saturday from October 27th to December 22nd. 

Training at Activate Fitness for 2 hours from 9am to 11am.

Total Cost is $250 per person.

You get 9 training sessions total each lasting 2 hours and a complete diet evaluation and consultation. 

One on One Assistance with nutrition concerns so Results are Maximized! 

The winner will receive a percentage of the money used to join. This depends on how many people join. It could be 10% or 50%. 

2 hours training is intense, it's hard, and it's awesome. It takes a real commitment to succeed at training for 2 hours aside from your additional training- but YOU CAN DO IT!

If interested email me at activatefitnesspt @

Also visit for more info.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Activator Nation

Activate- to make active or capable of action,  to treat so as to increase powers of adsorption, to create, mobilize, or organize.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Activator Nation.

Activate Fitness is more than a "gym".  We are a family.  We are a tribe.  We are an Army of Awesome and together we stand. We're in this together, for the long haul. Activate Fitness is not a business of one, it's a group of the dedicated, the demanding, and the determined.

We use each others effort to feed our own and to help us succeed.

Activators come to the gym and do the work. Activators listen as they're taught and in turn they learn.

Activator Nation is not for everyone.  Some can't handle it.

Sort of like the Marines- The Few, The Proud...

Activators get results.

As member of The Activator Nation you will always have me to turn to.  Whether it's a diet question or a something about life that you need an ear for. My aim is to help everyone get the best results they possibly can and more importantly- to live a happy life.  This community of ours will help you get through anything life throws at you. Activator Nation will make you a capable, active, intelligent, and confident person determined to beat the game.

Are you determined to succeed and know you can do it?  Become a Member of the Activator Nation today!  Email me at activatefitnesspt @ and I will help you get to where you want to go- along with my team.  Together we care and want each other to win.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Can Forgive..

If you're willing to.

Do you have some regret or anger holding you back from Fitness success?

Go ahead and forgive yourself.

It's possible- you need to be willing..

And you can do it.

More importantly- you need to.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gym in Hackettstown.. On Wheels!

I just wanted to drop a post today about a different part of Activate Fitness's business.

As people know I train out of NJ Core MMA's studio on Main Street in Hackettstown and also out of my home, in Mount Olive, where I have all kinds of weights, a squat rack, sandbags and other cool stuff.

What not too many people know is I am also an "On Wheels" guy.  Have passion to gain strength will travel.

I started Activate Fitness as an In Home personal training company and quickly decided I wanted more of a group style of training. But....

Activate Fitness will go anywhere you want.

You have a student athlete that wants to train and you'd rather him do it at home? I can come there.


Parking Lots

Outside the studio on Main Street

Under a bridge

In your basement

In your garage

On your Driveway

I go anywhere.

This is perfect for parents who feel "weird" about a New Strength Coach offering all of their kids Free training for the rest of the year out of his small garage gym.  Yes, I am that guy and if that makes you uneasy- I'll go to your home.

Big Gyms are becoming a thing of the past and a New Era of Fitness is here.

Anywhere you can stand, sit, scream, punch, throw, anywhere... you can train.

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for our weekly Newsletter as well as This Saturday's Hackettstown Community Day from 11 to 5 at the Lowe's on Mountain Ave.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I think I'm being too Nice.

This is life.

It's not a joke.

Serious shit that only comes once.

Use it or lose it and the way it unfolds is up to you.

Hide behind lies and sugarcoat the truth.

Or step out in front and tell it the way it really is.

People are out of shape.  Really out of shape.

Too out of shape for exercise.

Their minds are too far gone to understand the truth and what it really takes to succeed.

Workouts need to be frequent.  Planned first.  Church can wait. Work can wait. Dunkin Donuts can wait.  That birthday party for your nephew- can wait.

You'll never get anywhere if you don't try and if you don't try daily.

The 4th quarter has begun and the holidays are coming faster then ever.

Before you know it, you're setting last year's resolution as this year's.

The truth is we are lazy. There is too much confusion and outside interference that we block it all out and sit to watch Football.

When you train with me it can be anywhere from 1-5 hours a week.  Maybe 6 if you really bleed passion and desire.

Problem is all the other time of the week.

What are you doing?

What are you eating?

What lie are you choosing to believe in today?

When was the last time you ran or heck- hiked?

We are capable of so much more but we choose not to try.  We care not for health instead- facebook.

If you are honest with yourself and you really try- smile.  Congratulate yourself.  You are (sorry USMC) one of the few and should be proud.

What is try?  Is try a workout or two a week?

No.  It's not just going through the motions either.

Like Zach Even-Esh says- become "Comfortable Being Uncomfortable". Move outside of that comfort zone you know you're hiding in.  I was comfortable Squatting, Lifting, and Pressing with barely anything else.  I screwed myself out of Real World Strength.  I changed that now.  I looked past the lies and grabbed the truth by the throat.

Do you even care?

Does your health matter to you?

You only get health one time.  Once it goes to shit-true bad diseased health- it's hard to ever get it back.

Don't choose to let it all slip away...


This coming Saturday- Activate Fitness will be at Hackettstown's Community Day at the Lowe's Parking Lot off Mountain Avenue from 11 to 5. Stop by and enter the raffle where I will pick 4- yes Four- winners that will each get 2 Free Months of Group Personal Training.  A $225 value.  Plus I will have a Push Up Contest where you get 1 minute to do as many as possible.  Winners (1 male and 1 female) will receive a gift card from another business in the community and an Activate Fitness gift card.  Also- I will have a Kettle bell challenge with some extra prizes and a few surprises. Come by and see Activate Fitness!

A Picture of Failure

If a masterpiece of art was titled "failure" what would it look like?

Would it be a picture of two cliffs and a falling person trying to jump across? Short by a mile.

Or would it be a tadpole being eaten by a snapping turtle? Failure because the tadpole never became a frog?

Maybe it would show a man or woman standing on a scale with a calender above their head.  Dates crossed off and faint numbers in the form of pounds below the day marked Tuesday. A closer look and you can see the man or woman lost a total of 10 pounds in 30 days- but then you look lower and see a journal on the desk. "15 pounds by the end of the month." Failure.

But how can that be failure?  The person clearly lost 10 pounds in a month.  That's amazing and a complete success if you ask me.

How about the kicker who misses a game winning field goal?  By inches.  The fourth game into the season. A loss.  Failure. Even with 12 games remaining..?

Maybe it's the trainer who passes on the chance to sublease a studio because he feels he can't afford it.  Days later, after the studio is already taken, his business explodes and is in dire need of a place.  Is that a picture of failure?  A week goes by and he can't find a place and loses 60% of his clientele.  Is that failure?

Failure can be painted into some amazing, beautiful, and expensive masterpieces. It can come in any shape or form but to one another the views can differ.  Someone can see a failure as a success and a success as a failure because they were just not close enough.

Why fear failure then?

What do you really have to lose?