Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lose Fat in Hackettstown and Mount Olive!

When the time comes and you realize it's time that you now need to lose some excess body weight and get into better shape- what is the first thing you think of?

Most likely it's one of two things- you either focus on the food you eat or you make the decision to exercise.

The two choices have two problems.  Most people do not know what a proper diet consists of and most people have no idea how to properly and safely exercise.

So what happens?

Two things again happen- people stop eating "bad" foods or less food in general, sometimes starving themselves and for exercise they jump on a bike, treadmill, or some other cardio machine.

While results can come from doing the above options, they won't be lasting and the effects will not lead to the positive side of health and fitness. Think of diet and exercise like you were to start driving at 16 or 17 years old.  You never have driven a car before, the foot and mind connection is not established with the gas pedal and brakes and the hands are too tight for the steering wheel.  You'll crash. Jumping into a diet and exercise without proper planning and education with cause you to crash, and like most you'll quit before you even get started.

Many people need to establish a foundation of fitness and strength before they start going crazy and kicking ass in the gym, the Zumba floor, or whatever else they choose to use to burn fat. It's hard for people to grab the notion that a few weeks in the beginning of your journey need to be used as education and brick laying.  Results take time and you won't go from cleared ground to skyscraper in a few weeks. A house isn't built without excavators and masons coming in first to start the project.  Even before them comes the Architects, engineers, and surveyors.  They do the planning, the masons and excavators do the building of the foundation and THEN and only then do the framer's come in.

Fitness is the same way.  You can't build a beach body without planning and foundation building.  The problem our society faces is that this takes effort and time and most people WANT IT NOW.  Well if that is what you want then go do your own thing and end up in the never ending cycle of failure after failure.  I'm quite sure we all have a family member or friend who starts a diet from a Best Selling Book or an Exercise program As Seen on TV.  They start off excited, get little results, quit, go back to their old ways, and then jump on the latest Amazon Top Selling Diet. Never completing their desired task.

The right one is the hard way and as a young teenager eager to drive they first need lessons and therefore hire a coach.  Guitar players seek teachers. Cops go through training. Kids in love with soccer join clubs to play more then they practice so they can get better. Writer's write and write and write and seek people to read their work in order to put things together and make a book. Out of shape people and people looking to lose fat need to and should indeed hire a coach or trainer.

It's hard to except the fact that we need this education and inspiration when corporate gyms tell us we don't and you can go run on their machines for $19 a month. People question themselves "Why I am going to pay ten times that amount for this gym that teaches you, coaches you, and holds you accountable when I can go here and save so much money?"

If someone were to build a house they'd want quality materials.  Materials and construction that will hold up to the elements and last a lifetime.  They don't want materials that deteriorate rapidly which would cause the home to be rebuilt year after year. Why would they subject their bodies to the same weak, poorly assembled and inexpensive materials only to rebuild and start over every year?

There's a right way and a wrong way.  A cheap way and a quality way. A long, hard, correct way and a shortcut. In anything in life.  Look around at shortcuts, cheap materials, wrong actions and see what and where the good is. The time, effort, and money spent on things that need to be replaced or rebuilt year after year is foolish.  This is why we buy quality cars, quality wood for our homes, quality computers for our work and homes- but why do we buy cheap, unhealthy, processed foods and cheap gym memberships that don't cause change in our lives?

Its your body, it's your health, and it's your life.  The most important thing in the world.  Treat it well, properly, and with good diet and proper exercise and you'll live a healthier life.  Throw in quick fixes and chemical foods and you may visit the ground earlier then you ever imagined.

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