Friday, January 11, 2013

Hackettstown Garage Gym!


That's all it is.  It might not be super fancy.  After all, it's just a garage.

What's important here isn't the looks or the amenities it doesn't have that quite a few feel spoiled enough to demand.

What's important is the work that gets put in when training on the horse mats.  

What's important is the fact that every workout is planned in advance, following a proper set up with progressions and regressions.

It's the powerlifting and the chalk that give it a great feel.

Maybe 4 people can fit without being suffocated from confined breathing.

Sandbags, Kettle Bells (Homemade), and Homemade Farmer Walk Handles lay on the sides with hand prints of chalk.

The driveway is used for Prowler pushing, warm ups, running, jumping, tire slams with a Lowe's sledgehammer, and walking lunges whether weighted or not.

It's not a CrossFit box, it's not a warehouse gym, and it sure as hell isn't Grandma's gym.  Although I'd never turn her away if she had the balls to lift like a warrior! And if someone wanted a "Workout Of The Day".. I'd give them one to remember.

Activate Fitness's Garage Gym is the roots of everything that made Activate Fitness.  You can get a feel for the experience here: The Garage Gym Experience

I left the globo gym I went to and actually, I still pay my dues there, to get away from the Curls For The Girls Crowd and because there was only one Squat Rack and waiting just isn't happening. 

My progress has skyrocketed training in the Garage.

The little heater?  Doesn't do much unless you let it run an hour or more before you train.

In the summer? Hot as hell. Perfect.

Ask one of Hackettstown High School's football players if he liked it.

The Strongman Saturdays? Awesome!

This little garage up on the mountain on the out skirts of Hackettstown is a place where only the truly dedicated even consider training out of.  Some feel it's creepy because it's connected to a home, some feel it's dirty because there are bugs and ants, wood chips, and chalk dust. Some understand the value of this training and get results most people dream about. If you're in the area and want a unique place to train that cuts right through the B.S. of most gyms, check it out sometime.

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