Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hackettstown Personal Trainer Learns Lessons from Netflix Movies.

Last night was a good night.  I hung out with my Wife, my baby, and the animals and we just chilled the heck out.  We decided to watch some Netflix movies and just veg out on the couch! It was great!  Totally needed to sit down, shut the hell up, and hang out. We ended up watching 3 movies, one right after the next!

The first movie we watched was called Craigslist Joe (thanks Jesse) and it was one of the best movies I ever watched.  This guy Joe decides to go out for 30 days and live entirely off of Craigslist and to see if there is still a community out there.  He was humbled by what he encountered and it taught me a thing or two about people.

Craigslist Joe used the help of Free things on Craigslist, meet ups, and rideshares to travel across the country. It was amazing to see someone survive for 30 days with no money or a roof, nothing, but the help of our society and communities across the country.  There are good people out there who help or need help and too many of us just sit back and ignore this.  We fear people we don't know and hardly do we ever open our minds to see the world they came from and what we can do to share ours.

The next flick we tuned into was called Hungry For Change.  This movie is a documentary that is sort of a sequel to Food Matters.  Food Matters was an amazing movie that I watched a year or two ago that really opened my eyes to the chemicals and other useless crap we eat everyday.

Hungry for Change goes more into the marketing tactics these companies use to keep us fat, sick and nearly dead.  It's funny I say that because the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was also amazing and life changing.  The director, actor, and lone man of that movie had a few appearances on Hungry for Change and it was very informative.  I recommend everyone go here and buy the book---> Hungry For Change

If you have never bought a diet book, nutrition book, or food book- this is the one that'll help you the most.  Time and time again we fail at our diets and it is because we fall for the tricks the major food companies throw at us.

We see 100% Fat Free and think it'll get us lean.

We see Healthy Decision Cereals and Cookies and 100 calorie snack packs and think this is healthy.

We NEVER listen to the doctor about vegetables and even when we do, we don't eat enough.

Hungry For Change helped me realize that I too fall for some of those gimmicks and a few things I use for coffee, flavoring water, and other stuff needs to go now.  Not tomorrow or when it's gone, but now.

Another awesome book that helps us feel more alive, have energy, and look sexy is Eat and Stop Eat. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to clean their act up.  If you ever had negative thoughts about fasting or wanted to try it THE RIGHT way, check this book out.  I purchased it two years and still to this day check back to it frequently.  I even follow the author and interact with him on an almost daily basis.

The next documentary we watched was called Happy. This movie went into the minds of those who are genuinely happy and healthy. Living their lives with smiles everyday and why most of us, AMERICANS, are not happy.  One huge moment was when they discussed the happiness factor going from making $5,000 a year to $50,000.  Nearly everyone becomes so much happier and their lives improve.  But going from $50,000 to $50,000,000, showed no improvement on overall happiness.

I wrote a blog post, found here (, that talks about this thing in Japan called Karoshi. Karoshi is a word used in Japan to describe the death from overwork.  This is a huge problem in Japan. In the movie Happy, they talked about Karoshi and how since World War 2, Japan has been rebuilding at fascinating speeds- much to the awe of other countries, but with a major side effect.

They showed Japanese culture as workers would fall asleep on the train standing up, sitting down, leaning, anything and scarier yet, most die young.  These men and women are working in Japan sometimes 16 hours or more a day. Nonstop WORK. A man in the film was working on his birthday with other people and they asked him "What about your wife?" He said "Business is more important. I'll see her tomorrow." And this isn't just one guy, it's millions and millions of Japanese people. They even have support groups for victims, VICTIMS, of Karoshi.

The happiest bunch of people in the film were the people living off the land in the backwaters of Louisiana with nothing much but family.

I feel like I am in shock after watching these documentaries and to say that means they worked.  Their purpose was fulfilled. They taught me, my wife, and many others what is going on in the world that 90% of the time we are unaware of. Happy is hard.  I haven't always been the happiest person to be around and much of that reasoning smacked me across the face last night.  I want things that I think will make me happy when in fact, everything I have is all I need.  Sure owning my own gym would thrill me but I am happy training my clients and watching them kick ass right where we are, and if they followed me, I'd be happy training them outside at a park or in my driveway. Like just now, my cat jumped in front of the computer screen and started rubbing against my chin. Right away, UNCONSCIOUSLY, I said "Alright Cat, get out..." But wait.. why? She is showing me she loves me and here I am getting pissed because I want to get this work done. Stop and think for a second and open your minds.  There is much going on around us that we unconsciously do not notice and much of it will heal you.

Check out this book: The Power of Now and Flow if you are living unconsciously and unhappy.  The Power of Now is a great book that will calm and help you live in the now (this moment) and help stop your worrying, stress, and frustration.

After all, what is diet and exercise without a healthy mind and spirit?

Check out these instant streaming movies on Netflix when you have a chance and let go, watch with an open mind, and let me know what your thoughts are.  If you saw any of these or read any of the books listed above, drop and comment below and let me know your opinion!

Peace out Girl Scouts! Time for Pro Baby Pics and Pro Football! FAMILY time!

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