Sunday, January 6, 2013

Are you setting goals or just wishing and dreaming?

This morning I saw on my facebook page someone asking someone above or wherever, you know- like a holy ghost or something, for a lottery win.  Their life would be so much better and they'd be much happier with a win at the lottery.

Over the past 7 days I have seen numerous people talk about how it's time to get into shape and lose weight!  Their New Year's Resolution was told to the universe, but what action is being taken?

Do you set goals and just say "I want to lose XYZ pounds in 2013." or do you write them down?

Do you write them down and then write 10 to 20 or even more actionable steps that you can take immediately to help you crush that goal?

You see, some people wish and dream and hope for a shortcut or three.

Diet pills and sweat suits act as fast result shortcuts that the weak and lazy dive head first into.

Wish for the lottery numbers you purchased to come out and a super million dollar jackpot to erase all your pain and hardships.

What ever happened to hard work?

Successful goal setters and goal achievers do not wish and dream for a better life.  They take action and manifest it through hard work, proper actions, and a never ending desire to win.

One of my goals is to Deadlift 500 pounds this year.  It's actually been a long term and every week I am inching closer and closer.  I wrote my goal down and then wrote what I need to do to help this come alive.

Wishing and Dreaming is wasting time.  Failing to plan, is planning to fail as they say. Simply setting a goal in the mind or typing it into the status bar on Facebook will not get you anywhere.

Write your goals out everyday! Even if they don't change, write them over each day and carry the paper with you.

Wishing and Dreaming for a leaner, stronger, and healthier body won't make the fat fall off or the strength in your body to increase.  You need to exercise, you need to eat well, and you need to make plans. Do you write your diet down everyday?  Do you record on a calendar or in your phone each day that you worked out?

What is the deadline?

December 1st, 2013?

April 19th, 2013?

Be realistic and make yourself a deadline.

A friend of mine wrote something on his wall yesterday and I dropped this wisdom on him:

Read. Write. Lift. Believe.

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