Saturday, January 5, 2013

FREE Month Giveaway from Hackettstown Strength and Fat Loss Trainer!

This holiday season was the best holiday ever for me and my family!  Our beautiful daughter was born 3 weeks early, super cute and super healthy, surprising us all. We had the awesome opportunity to stay home for the mad rush of Christmas and Christmas Eve.  It was awesome to have everyone come to us and spend time with our new addition!

The gift of a new life, the gift of a beautiful daughter, and the gift of a super healthy baby was the best present I ever received. With the arrival of our daughter and the way everyone went out of their way to do nice things for us and come to visit us for the holidays, I was inspired by the generosity and caring I saw in everyone!

Over the past year I always felt amazing going out of my way and lending my hands to help others and having the ability to donate to various organizations to do my good.  It was a great feeling to give some money to my friend's Breast Cancer walk, asking nothing in return. I feel inspired and motivated to continue doing this in the future.

It was actually one of my goals to volunteer my time to Hackettstown wherever needed as well as giving to those in need.

So to step up and put my money where my written goals are and to take action I announced yesterday on Activate Fitness's Facebook Fan Page (Found here...> that I am giving away 1 FREE Month of Limited Group Training at Activate Fitness to 1 person who is not a current or former member of Activate Fitness.

Back in January of 2012 I started to finally train clients and Activate Fitness rolled into business.  The first thing to take action to build my business was when I found this thread at a local forum- If you click the link and read through the thread you'll see I offered my services for free, for 2 people, 6 weeks of training.. etc etc.

Now, this is an annual giveaway.  Every January I will offer a local resident 1 Free Month of Limited Group Training.

But- to decided who deserves this gift I have made a catch. If you feel you deserve this gift or you know of a friend who you'd like to give this gift to, email me at with 100 words on WHY you or your friend deserves this gift.  Explain how this will benefit and improve your life for the better and how you will stay accountable for taking action on the commitment that is fitness.

Spread the word, share this page! Like the facebook page and share the links!! Help me as I help you!

Thank you all!

Winner announced January 12th!


  1. YOU and ACTIVATE FITNESS are AWESOME and a wonderful addition to the community! Keep Blogging...I love it.

  2. Judi big time thanks! Nice to hear I have a positive effect on people and I'm welcomed in hackettstown! Thank you so much!