Thursday, January 3, 2013

Never Slow Down!

Why would you want to?

So many people, way too many people, never give their 100% effort to life.  Most slow down before they even start. Quitting before it even gets hard. Never taking action in amounts that smash their goals and propel their success 20x faster. 

This isn't even about diet and exercise.

What's the difference between a rich person and a poor person?



It's action!  Have you settled for what life has dealt you?

Are you rich?

If you're not rich, what are you doing that requires massive action?

Are you working a 9 to 5 while working a 24/7 side job? A.K.A Small business?

You're an artist. Why hide it?  Why settle and slow down?

What do you do throughout the year to improve you self? To develop YOUR unique talents, skills, and ideas?

Do you aim to CRUSH your goals and have your ideas explode, or do you just wish and dream?

Dreaming is awesome. When you're sleeping.

Not when you're sitting at work thinking about that huge house you passed on the way to work.  How many people did you reach and try to sell something to that helps that day dream come true?

2013 is going full speed ahead already!

Big things are happening and ideas are taking form!

Watch out for the following from Activate Fitness this year-

3 to 4 In House Seminars geared to take your success to the next level!

A 2nd Annual Biggest Loser Challenge.

Outdoor Men and Women's Fit Camp when Spring breaks.

A detailed self improvement and fitness success eBook.

A Fundraising event or 3!

Along with NJ Core MMA and hopefully many other local businesses- a community day on Main Street with fun, games, fitness classes, martial art demos, and much more!

NEVER slowing down!  

How bad do you want whatever it is you want?

What are going to do RIGHT NOW to get it?

Seriously!  Close this post and take action on one thing you can do to get you closer to your goal or dream!

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