Monday, January 14, 2013

Hackettstown Personal Trainer: Obama's Fitness Test and 1 for You!

Over the weekend President Obama underwent one of his yearly fitness evaluations! His last fitness and medical exam he received apparently stated he had excellent health and was active, while sticking to a healthy diet and partied hard on occasions.. Okay maybe not partied hard but had a few shots or beers.

While I don't know exactly what test the Pentagon put Obama under, but I am pretty sure it involved a lot of running, probably some push ups, pull ups, and various other body mechanic movements.

Every year it is smart to do a fitness test on yourself to see where you stand and how your hard work has paid off.  For everyone the test will be different.  Powerlifters will probably max out their lifts to see how strong they got over the past year and runners may go on the hardest loop they ran all year and go for the glory speed wise.

Strongman competitors may put themselves through a vigorous medley of events to see how fast they make it through and adjust all the details as they get the results.

Everyone is different.  Football players, baseball players, stay at home moms, and working dads.  All are different.

Knowing that everyone is different one of the most simple forms of testing yourself and your fitness levels is the following:

The Push Up Test:

Do as many push ups as you can in one minute and record the results.

If you have never tested these results before then just start here.  So if you did 50 push ups, record the number and come back to it again at another time.  That could be next year or in 6 months.  Always aim to greatly improve that number.

The 2 Mile Test:

Map out 2 miles and run as fast as you can and record the time.  If you can't run, you walk or jog. After you complete the 2 miles record the time it took you to finish the test and reevaluate yourself at another time.

There are charts to see how you did for your age and weight and all kinds of other B.S. For here, it doesn't matter what they say.  What matters is you do the test, get the data, and work your ass off all year or whatever time frame you give yourself, and crush the results.

Another simple way to test yourself and your fitness levels is to do the following:

40 Bodyweight Squats
30 Sit ups
20 Push Ups

As fast as you can.  Then record the time. Try again at a later date and aim to beat the previous time.

This is all generic and nothing new. Most people judge their fitness levels by the ability to run and some by the strength they have.  The important thing we keep in mind here is always improving. Never settle with the score you get.  Keep aiming to get stronger and faster.

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