Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are You Dedicated or Dreaming?

Are you truly dedicated to a life of fitness?

Will you stick to your training and diet for the entire time you have left on this beautiful world?

Do you make plans for fitness 1,3, and 5 years in advance?  Maybe you Deadlift 315 pounds now and the dedication you have has made you set a goal for 3 years time and a 600 pound pull?


Do you dream about a six pack and the end of gym days for good?

Do you dream about losing those last 40 pounds until you feel so good about yourself that you plan to quit lifting and exerting massive amount of energy the second you realize you're "done"?

Do you dream about looking Sexy and Fit on your wedding day or your birthday that you kick ass every day now and then after, you just plan to walk away?

Wake up call right now.  Fitness, what we do, everyday, is not something that you should be doing if you plan on quitting.

Jack LaLanne ran and lifted weights for 2 hours the day before he died and would have again the day he died had he not passed.

Coming to a gym for a few weeks, doing the work, and quitting is pointless.  

You won't be healthy after a week or two of intense exercise.  You will be by instilling it into your daily life.

So, ask yourself- Are you dedicated to a life of fitness or do you just want the end result? 

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