Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hackettstown Trainer's Health Tip: 3 Benefits of Coconut Oil.

Thanks to my mother in law and my wife, lately I have been on a Coconut Oil kick. I've been putting Coconut Oil is almost every cup of coffee I drink and while it's too early to tell what benefits or effect it's having on my health I am optimistic for future findings.  This optimism is based off quite a few articles I have read that discussed the benefits of said oil.

For a long time Coconut Oil was thought to be unhealthy and harmful for the body.  This is partly due to the science of the past that label Saturated Fats as bad for you. In the recent years we have come to realize this is wrong and science has been working on now showing us the benefits of Saturated Fats and how they may not cause an unhealthy heart after all.

3 Benefits of Coconut Oil are as follows:

1. Helps with Fat Loss

Coconut Oil contains a good amount of Fatty Acids that help the body reduce fat. Coconut Oil is said to have a positive effect on our digestion system. The better and healthier our digestion system is, the more fat we burn, and the easier it is to burn. Other oils with fats similar are stored by the body, coconut oil fat is not. The fats are easily converted to be used as energy for the body, thus helping increase calorie burn.

2. Boosts Immunity.

The acids in the coconut oil fats are the flu fighting backup we may need to keep us healthy during the peak of flu season.  The acids are turned into bacteria and virus fighting superpowers. Many studies have shown the fatty acids are helpful in fighting influenza, AIDS, herpes, and many other bacteria.

3. Skin Health

I fight a very bad case of Eczema every winter on my fingers and my arms, even my legs.  I have used almost every cream around and even a $1000 prescription cream to help ease the cracking and pain.  A little coconut oil on a severe case on one of my fingers turned the healing process around and sealed the crack! The Coconut Oil helps strengthen the damaged tissue, removes dead cells, and acts as a protective barrier! Many of the best skin care products on the market use the oil as their secret ingredient.

Try adding Coconut Oil into your diet, use it for cooking instead of other oils, and maybe give it a go on your skin.  Let me know how you like it and if it helps your fat loss journey or makes your skin healthier.  I will continue to use it in every cup of coffee I drink and at a later date, I'll let you know for sure if there have been noticeable improvements in my body composition as well as long term health and healing of my eczema.

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