Friday, January 4, 2013

Hackettstown Residents Losing Fat and Taking Action in the New Year!

It's that time of year again!  The first week of January, the week many millions of Americans set their goals for the coming 12 months and get to work.  Most of the goals and resolutions set around the country are Losing Fat, Exercising more, and eating healthier!

Well, in a little town in Northwestern New Jersey called Hackettstown, a few dedicated ACTION takers are already hard at work chipping away at their goals for 2013!

Project Resolution Boot Camp has started and the first week of 2013 has seen some determined Hackettstown residents gearing up for intense Fat Loss training and overall conditioning!

If you haven't seen the deal about Project Resolution and the webpage, 

Unlike many other people in the country that set out to crush their fitness goals without a proper plan, these local Hackettstown, Long Valley, and Mount Olive residents have everything they need to be successful.  Each participant in this 12 week program is equipped with a Fat Loss diet plan, motivational emails, and intense exercise classes that are properly planned to help them be successful while doing it right.

Each member was given a diet plan that details foods to eat, amounts to eat, when, and much more!  It's adjustable and they each have options of what to eat so it's not always the same thing! By sticking to the plan they receive- the results are certainly guaranteed. 

The intense classes are planned for progressions, regressions, mobility, strength, as well as conditioning.  Everyone does the class at their own pace at their own level.  If they need to rest longer they rest longer.  If I see it getting too easy for certain people, you bet your bottom dollar I'm making it harder for them! 

All of the members of the gym are added to my email list and each day I send out something that I hope will fire them up and get them motivated to train hard and continue to eat healthier and make smarter decisions!  If you ever thought about training at Activate Fitness make sure you get on the email list because you can receive promotions for gym membership savings as well as free reports and eBooks that will help you on the way to fitness goal success! ------> Email list access is right over here ------>

The biggest thing the members of gym have going for them is the ACTION they are taking.  Showing up is crucial to success.  Simply coming once or twice or kicking tires for answers won't get you anywhere.  Most clients come 4 times a week and kick ass in the gym!  What's even more important is the action they take regarding their diets! I always get questions on foods or hear stories of the shakes made in the morning or the veggies they cooked with dinner!  It's inspiring and awesome to see them doing the right thing!

Following my guidance, plans, and advice a 2 week New Year's Resolution is not going to happen.  Joining the gym and signing a long term contract with an enrollment fee and never showing up won't happen either. Commitment to the program is a must!  Commitment to cleaning up the diets and following them at LEAST 90% is a must! Trying as hard as you can each training day is a must!

If you have those qualities and want to be like the members of Activate Fitness, get on the email list and keep in touch!  Now is the time to start or get back in the game!  Don't wait any longer. Before you know it the 1st month of the year will be over and no progress towards your 2013 goals will have been made!  Do it right the first time!

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

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