At Activate Fitness- the number one goal is to get YOU results.  Real Results. Lasting, quality, amazing results. 

This training isn't easy and it's not for the weak at heart. Check out what some of Activate Fitness' members have to say about the training:

Before and After: The Activator Nation Original!

"Activate fitness was what finally allowed me to reach my fitness goals. Not only do I feel better about the way I look I feel stronger overall. Activate fitness really pushes me to the next level of training and boosted my overall confidence. I lost more pounds and inches than ever I thought possible!" Brittany G. Hackettstown, NJ

"Activate Fitness delivers an extremely motivating trainer, pushing you to succeed with intense workouts, positive thinking and proven results!" Jennifer W.
Long Valley, NJ

"Challenging. Addicting. Rewarding. Fun." Jessica D. Hackettstown, NJ

"Mike's class will kick your a$x!" Laurie N. Hackettstown, NJ

"Training with Mike from Activate Fitness is awesome! We have never done the same workout twice so it never gets boring! After every workout I’m dripping sweat, exhausted and sore – but feel SO accomplished! The welcoming atmosphere, intensity and coaching keeps me coming back for more. Mike encourages you throughout every workout and when he sees you shaking or struggling to do more, he’s right there pushing you to keep going!" Caitlin S. Long Valley, NJ

"Hello Mike,
Just wanted to thank you for giving Greg the opportunity to train with you over the summer. He enjoyed working with you and the results were evident as he began his senior year in football. We will keep in touch with you and Greg will let you how he's doing with football. I wish you the best of luck with the business and will definitely refer anyone looking for training your way.

Thanks again,"
Greg. C. Hackettstown, NJ

"Great workouts with Mike every week.  It helps me to push myself because I know I can do more each time.
Thanks so much for your help!" April Z. 

"Activate Fitness rocks! I have been a client since August & have never received results like this before when I worked out at your typical chain-type gym. Classes are challenging (they're supposed to be!!!), fun & addicting! Never in a million years did I ever picture myself being someone who works out 4 times a week. :) And Mike truly cares about the success of his clients. He's not just a "Class Instructor clock puncher". From workout inquiries to diet questions Mike always makes himself available. Prior to signing up I despised "group" classes...I had major anxiety about worrying about how out of shape I was & how silly I'd look if I couldn't get through the class without falling to the groud gasping for air. I can honestly say that from my first class at Activate I never felt like that. Members of AF are each others biggest fans. There are no egos here at all. If you've been thinking about doing something for awhile now give Mike a call." Jessica D!

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