Sunday, November 11, 2012

My 100th Post- 100 Ways to Kick Ass

I'm about to head out for the day but I wanted to throw this up for you.  Nothing in depth.  My 100th Blog Post and here are 100 awesome things and great ways to Kick Ass in Life. Take how you want..

1. Squat
2. Run
3. Read
4. Sleep
5. Have Sex
6. Play Poker
7. Lend Your Hands
8. Support a Movement
9. Fight For a Good Cause
10. Donate
11. Squat More
12. Love a Dog
13. Drink IPA Craft Beer Occasionally
14. Do Push Ups
15. Do Pull Ups
16. Blog
17. Plant a Tree
18. Get Off a Riding Mower and Push Mow the Lawn
19. Write
20. Love Yourself
21. Tell Yourself You Kick Ass
22. Be a Friend
23. Be a Good Sibling, Son or Daughter
24. Dream
25. Dream More
26. Write down those Dreams
27. Turn Off the TV
28. Work overtime
29. Write Down Your Values
30. Write Down Your Goals
31. Make a YouTube Video- About anything
32. Roll Around- Think MMA
33. Try to Do Handstands Everyday until you Succeed.
34. Deadlift
35. Push a Prowler
36. Think BIG!
37. Google Rich Dad Poor Dad and Dive In
38. Paint, Draw, Color or Connect the Dots
39. Go to Park with Jungle Gyms and WORKOUT
40. Take Personal Responsibility for EVERYTHING
41. Do an Electronic Fast for a Week
42. Go to an NFL game
43. Do Farmers Walks
44. Study Dan John
45. Ask yourself what you want to be when you grow up- again- at age 30,40,or 50 and try it
46. Kick Negative Nancy's out of Your Life
47. Raise a Puppy to become a great dog
48. Better still.. adopt one
49. Do 100 Kettle Bell Swings
50. Hike
51. Fast for 24 hours once or twice a month
52. Eat Veggies
53. Learn to Cook
54. Learn to Speak another Language
55. Stop Complaining
56. Get to work an hour early once in awhile
57. Brew your own Beer- at least once
58. Workout with a 40lb Weighted Vest on
59. Tell Yourself You're Good Enough
60. Coach
61. Sign up for a Sport- like an adult community softball league or something
62. Compete- Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Dance, Gymnastics..... Horse riding..
63. Throw a party
64. Press weights Overhead
65. Name a Star
66. Go Mountain Biking
67. Shoot Guns at a Range
68. Write More
69. Turn off the TV
70. Kill Your Food
71. Grow Your Food
72. Do an Extreme Sport- Bungee Jump, Skydive..
73. Write your Own Fitness Program- 12 weeks to chiseled Triceps..
74. Swin across a River
75. Flip Tires
76. Fight a Bear-- yeah.. maybe not..
77. Change Your Oil or Brakes
78. Chop Wood
79. Build a Fire
80. Take a Survival Class
81. Learn to Fight
82. Count the Stars
82. Go Camping... FOR A WEEK..
83. Scream- "GET OFF MY BACK" as Loud as possible while driving ONCE a day... Trust me!
84. Meditate
85. Buy a Camera and snap shots!
86. Gamble
87. Boogie Board
88. I said Hike before- this time.. go to the Appalachian Trail or similar trail and do a part of it.
89. Learn about Native Americans
90. Learn about Andrew Carnegie
91. Do 100 Push Ups
92. Read 5/3/1
92. Hold the Door for Someone
93. Build a Sandcastle
94. Run a 5k or Mud Run type event
95. Drag a Sled with 80lbs or more for 10 minutes
96. Lift Sandbags
97. Design something.. a website, a garden, a lawn, a book cover...
98. Lift Weights Outside
99. Teach

101. Kick Ass Everyday

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