Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Final Month of 2012

My first post on this here blog was about making a New Year's Resolution work. Time and time again we have set goals like what you see in the picture above, only to fail at most of them. Each Christmas brings with it the start of our planning for the next year.  The end of 2012 will be like all the rest of the years for many people.  1. Lose Weight 2. exercise 3.....

What were your goals for 2012?  Did you accomplish them?  I failed to accomplish at least 10 of the goals I set for myself and I only set 11...  I didn't wait for the end of the year though to start over.  I opened up my notebook and wrote some new goals, with different dates, with different attitudes. I went right back to work.  Not letting failure laugh at me.  It didn't hurt and I was afraid but I accepted fear and let him become my best friend.

December starts on Saturday and before you know it, it'll be 2013. Where are you on your life's journey? Did you fail to meet your goals, smash them, or not even bother setting any?  People who say they don't need to set a New Year's Resolution do not understand the power of goal setting.

Take this final month and grab it by the throat and crush it with everything you have inside your soul.  Seriously!  Why wait?  Why would you wait until after Christmas to start over?  Don't give me, us, YOU the excuse that you're too busy with the holidays!  


Never wait. We wait and wait and wait because we expect to hit the lottery or have some miracle pill infomercial come on the television late at night when we should be getting shut eye. We want things handed to us without breaking our backs or a sweat.  We fear the unknown and let resistance crush our hearts.

Get off your ass right now and make the most of 2012.  You still have over 30 days to put in the work to achieve your goals.  Activate YOUR Fitness, Write that Book, Make that Video... DO THE WORK!

If you don't give a shit or never cared bad enough to smash your goals, what makes you think a list like the picture above will do you any good?  What will 2013 hand to you that you hoped 2012 would have? I've been reading this book Goals! by Brian Tracy and it has helped me very much in discovering some ways to set and smash goals.

Make 2013 the best year of your life and finish strong the rest of 2012. Don't let fear and resistance hold you down! 

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