Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quitting is Easy

Sure quitting is easy.  But not starting because it's hard, boring, time consuming, and frustrating is even easier.

Before you start, ask yourself why.  Why are you planning this?  Why do you "want" to do this?

For you?

For someone else?


To look good naked?

Get chicks?

Soothe a sore concious?

Quitting is easy when you just jump into the game with no plan.  You're going to get your ass kicked and for us, each and everyone, that hurts.  Hurts so much we may never try again.

That's why there's 1% and 99%. It's normal to quit.

Quitting will become harder and a more distant thought if you make plans.

Planning is time consuming.  It's hard.  It's... work.

Do The Work though..

What other options do you really have?

Quit... or Kick Ass...

To me, trying is easier than quitting.

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