Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Simple Ways to Smash Your Goals!

Many people go on setting goals and some strive their hardest to accomplish them and others forget about what they said a few days later when the initial excitement wears off. Fear and Resistance hold us back and often change our minds before we even take the first step.  Writing things down seems like an uncool thing to do and often we become distracted by outside interference that makes us completely forget what we wanted. Many people fail to ever reach their goals but it seems to be easier for some who smash their goals on a consistent, daily basis.

Below are 5 important but very simple ways to smash your goals in the gym so you can easily and quickly reach the point you have been working so hard to get to.

1. Buy a notebook once and for all and Write down EVERYTHING!

I've said this numerous times throughout this past year and I wonder how many people actually do this? Writing down your exercise routines, or workouts completed on a particular day, as well as the food you shoved in your mouth will help you reach your goals of weight loss or muscle building faster than just going with the flow.

You can definitely wing it and for some it is probably easier for them to do it this way, but for the majority of people- recording EVERYTHING will bring you to your goals quickly and easier!

2.  Weigh or Measure Your Food.

Sounds dumb, sounds obsessive compulsive, and it sure as hell sounds like takes way too much time- time we think we don't have.

Have you ever measured your rice or potatoes?  Have you ever measured 4 oz of chicken and an 8 ounce glass of milk?

No?  Then do it.  Try it.

Weighing your food and using measuring cups will shock you when you realize the amounts of food you may be eating or may NOT be eating.

Yes you do not have to do this step but if you seriously want to smash your goal quickly and easily doing this will help you tremendously. Go to this link for a cheap and best selling food scale and start using it! Food Scale

3. Stop and Let Go.

Everyday we are slammed with interference and resistance, and it comes from every direction!  Sometimes it's best to just stop and let go of your mind. Sit in a quite place and let your mind wander, making sure that you don't focus on one thing for too long or recite the movie of your next 8 hours in your head.

Think positive thoughts about everything.  Show gratitude and focus on breathing. When you go to the gym to get a workout in, if you find yourself worrying, stressing, or planning somethings in your mind while driving stop right there and do not get out of the car.  Wait for a few minutes.  Take deep breathes and tell yourself to let go.  Leave your problems in the car or bring them into your fingertips and kick their ass in the gym.

Bottling up your plans, stresses, or worries will kill you and your goals faster than a new status on your newsfeed.  Stop.  Let go. Then- advance.

4. Consciously be aware of your effort.

Let's say you are in a group fitness class and there are 5 stations, each lasting 1 minute.  Last week you did a workout very similar to this one where you did Bodyweight Squats.  You counted your reps and you did 25. 22 were really really good.  22 felt amazing and you knew your form was perfect.  The last 3 sucked but you squeezed them in.  Now, this time, make yourself consciously aware of the effort you put in last week and really feel the movements in your mind.  Don't worry about speed, tempo, or what anybody else is doing.  Make the connection from mind to muscle and back to the energy that produces your effort and tell yourself "This time 25 perfect squats or bust!"

I recently watched a movie called Warrior and in the movie the lead actor trained at an MMA gym where the head trainer had his clients workout to Beethoven.  I immediately thought this was really cool and downloaded a few classical albums on my iPhone. As weird as it sounds when I listened to the music while deadlifting I became much more consciously aware of my effort and my form. Everything was slowed down to snail like pace and the connections between muscle, mind, strength, and effort were firing like crazy!  It made my workout easier.

5. Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.
"If you think you can't you're right and if you think you can you're right." Something along those lines was said  by Henry Ford.  If your goal is lose 20 pounds and time after time after time you have failed you most likely feel like a failure. Your motivation is in the dumps and you've practically given up. You will continue to fail over and over if you continue to feel depressed, lost, or frustrated.  You need to "Keep on Keepin' On!" and find your inner most true self.

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined. is a motto for Activate Fitness and I chose this because they're the 3 most important qualities I look for when I view my clients.  If they're missing one they're doomed for failure.  You need all three.  Your goals are all but lost if you can't find the correct dedication, the correct demanding attitude, and the determination needed to fight on.

Live the motto to the fullest of it's meaning and the above 4 steps will come to you so much easier. The fight inside you to reach your goals will burn so hot that nothing will stop you. Nobody can find this for you, nobody can train it out of you, and nobody can plant the seeds inside you. Find it yourself or continue to fail!

Setting goals is easy but following through with the plans- IF you had one to start with- is a lot harder.  Fear of the unknown and the resistance all around holds us back and prevents most from ever accomplishing their dreams or goals.  Keep On Keeping On will help you along the road when you follow the 5 simple steps I laid out above. We live in a fast paced society but sometimes it helps to just slow down.

Below is an awesome Blueprint that can be used to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. If you're interested in learning some more steps to achieving your goals, click the link and check it out!
7 Step Action Plan to Smash Your Goals!

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