Monday, November 26, 2012

You're a Masterpiece in the Works.

You. Are. An. Artist.

Sounds funny or like complete B.S. right?  You're probably thinking "No, I work at a computer lab." "I work at a Car Dealership how am I an artist?

When you begin a journey with fitness and the healthy lifestyle you are beginning to create your greatest masterpiece. Starting with a blank canvas while everyday you put in the work that one day you will show off like the Mona Lisa.

You're body is a work of Art.  The lines and the curves and the cuts and even the sweat show off your work in progress.

You may be overweight right now and you know you'd like to be leaner.  This is the start of Art.

Just like it took Van Gogh many many hard years to perfect and sell his Art, it will take you to perfect the fitness life you are after.

One brushstroke at a time you are creating your Masterpiece.

Some artists start over and throw the canvas away.  Sometimes, you may have to do this.. and start over.  It's okay though.  It's Art.

Your life is art.  It's not just diet and exercise. Your work is a product of You.  Your family life and social interactions are a reflection of the paintings of your life.

Diets and Exercise Programs when taken seriously Change Lives.  This.. is.. Art.

Take your time and put in the effort that's needed to create a beautiful Masterpiece.  Don't rush as greatness takes time. Start over if you need to.  Listen to the heart.  Paint slowly and it doesn't have to be perfect. Use your vision and imagination and take it where it leads.

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