Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today and Everyday.. I am thankful for..

This past year of my life has been the craziest, funnest, busiest, and most life changing year of my life.  With many things going on and things changing I need to keep my buckle tight and enjoy this wonderful ride.  There are many reasons for why I am thankful, many people who I am thankful for, and so much other amazing things to be thankful for this year.

I am thankful that I was able to wake up everyday this year and step foot on the ground, breathing, with the ability to walk out of my bedroom.  I am thankful that I am healthy enough to exercise as hard as I do and to be blessed with enough quality foods that keep me healthy. So many people struggle to find food, shelter, some can't walk, speak, hear, or see and I am thankful I have those things.

Without my wife I don't know where I'd be and for her I am so thankful to have her and be able to hold her at night. Even though I may be preoccupied with many things and busy most of the time trying to create this abundant life she still sticks it out with me.  I may not always seem to "be there" for her but I am and I am ever grateful and happy to call her my wife. Jamie you have pushed me so hard to become a good man, a good person, and in turn you have brought out the best in me.  I know you will continue to push me because you can see it in my eyes that I will achieve what I am after.  You will also continue to push me harder to become a good man and father for our lovely daughter!  I thank you and love you very much!

Hannah, we haven't met yet but I feel like I already know you and I know you will change my life, again for the better.  I am thankful that I have this privilege of becoming a father to you and for bringing you into this world. You'll be in good hands!

I am thankful for everything my entire family has done for me this past year, from helping me around my house, to helping my wife with parties, and for being there with support and open arms. Thank you for allowing me to count on you.

To the clients of Activate Fitness I thank you very much for this amazing opportunity to help you in your life's journey's and for allowing me to teach and coach you.  I thank you for supporting my movements through this blog and the workouts we do at the gym.

Judi- it all started with you at the beginning of the year in your living room and it quickly turned into 5 more people on my driveway at the house.  I thank you for helping me spread the word and allowing a "rookie" to train you.

Sue, Maureen, April, Stephanie, and Vivian you were among the originals training on my driveway even when it was cold or wet and as it started to heat up.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to train you and to push you to try harder and commit to the program!

Big Greg- this kid right here is a Champion.  Greg thank you very much for the awesome opportunity to train you, my first athlete, at my house- in my small garage gym.  Throughout the summer you kicked ass on the hot pavement.  Even when it was 100 degrees + in the garage you still worked your ass off.  Thank you!

Brittany- you were the first person to ever come train out of my garage and on my driveway.  I thank you for not running away thinking I was a creep or the "gym" was too small.  I thank you for sticking with my programs and the progress you have made has been amazing!  I also thank you for spreading the word around and trying to help me grow!

Kelly, Laurie, Lisa, Greg, Kim, Bill, and Lucy.. I want to thank you for the opportunity to train you and show you how my programs work.  For the time you spent with me at the gym, your houses, outside, inside.. you guys made great progress and left nothing behind.  Thank you.

Jessica- I also thank you for the opportunity to train you as you have seriously committed yourself to my program. You have made some serious progress and it is inspiring to know how hard you have worked.  Other people see your effort and are motivated by it as well.  Keep up the kick ass effort and thank you very much!

Wayne and Caitlin- you guys come everyday.. well almost everyday and I thank you for your commitment to Activate Fitness and for your desire to progress and make life changes. The effort you put into the program has shown and you continue to improve every workout!  I am honored to have the privilege of training you in preparation for your wedding day!  Thank you.

Jennifer-  the morning bird!  I thank you for everything you put into your workouts.  You strive every morning you come to class to leave nothing behind and you have shown an incredible commitment to Activate Fitness.  I also thank you for all the children advice when I ask you questions relating to my baby. I am thankful to have you as a member of my gym.

Casey and Ray- you guys helped me take my driveway business and actually make it more legit with four walls and a ceiling.  You have given me a blessing of an opportunity and I am so thankful for this chance to grow my business.  Casey- you kick ass in class also and I thank you for the effort you put in when you train.  I wish you guys and NJ Core MMA the best of luck in the future and I KNOW 2013 will be the best year yet.

Charlie and Lori- we only just met recently in the Biggest Loser Challenge but I thank you very much for committing to this program and I will continue to provide quality workouts and information to help you succeed in the program.  I thank you for your hard work and for the privilege of meeting you!

To the Kids in the NEW Youth program I thank you all and your parents for coming to class at 8 o'clock on Saturday Mornings and for your efforts in the program!  I look forward to helping you guys gain some serious muscle and strength that will help you excel through your school careers!  Thank you!

To the readers of this blog and subscribers to my newsletters thank you very much for your continued audience, input, and for sharing my work!  Without you guys this blog would be kind of pointless!  Thank you very much!

Guys and Gals from the 5/3/1 Fan Page I thank you for interacting with each other and lending help to whoever needs it and for staying civilized! Keep it going strong and best of luck in your goals for 2013!

I want to thank Zach Even Esh for his continued support and education on helping me learn many many aspects of this business both on and off line.  I thank you for the opportunity to train at the Underground and become a Certified Underground Strength Coach.

I am thankful for the information that Alwyn Cosgrove and Elliott Hulse put out that helps me learn more about this business!  Finding those guys have helped me a ton and I continue to value their input!

Throughout this year there are many more things that I am thankful for.  Like finding books such as The Secret and The War of Art that have changed my life. To becoming a Godfather at the same time I am becoming a first time Father and to becoming an Author of books in the works.  My education this past year has proved to be more beneficial than all of my years being yelled at by teachers and for that I am very thankful.  To anyone I forgot or didn't mention if we interacted in anyway over the course of 2012 and even throughout my lifetime I am thankful for that opportunity, those moments, and for the honor of knowing you.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you!

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