Sunday, November 25, 2012

We've gone soft. How big box gyms stole our Toughness.

For $19 a month you can most likely walk into a Big Box Gym in town and workout. For an additional couple hundred dollars a month you can have a personal trainer employed by the big box train you using their machines and weights.

If you're lucky and the gym owner really cares about you, you might have an opportunity to buy a coffeehouse protein shake after your workout.  They also take it a notch above the little guys by really showing you they care about your results when they put a few thousand dollar machines in a small black room with a big screen and The Movie of The Day! 

But make sure you don't slam the weights and please leave the chalk at home.

2% of our population in America works out at a gym or has some desire for fitness.  I am estimating that 85% of that number are members of Big Box gyms who just love their cardio machines so much.

Corporate Fitness companies do not want you to make progress in their facilities and this is why they make you soft.  They throw all these "benefits" at you so you feel more like you belong to a Country Club rather than a place you leave nothing but blood, sweat, and vomit.

Lawyers for the chains tell their owners to not allow deadlifting because it's a liability and in the end it'll effect the bottom dollar when the weights crack or the front desk person needs to mop blood instead of selling a shake.

There is a large number, a much larger number than should be, of softies running around Globo Gyms pretending they're working out as they keep paying month after month- only to go home and search for people like me and the blogs we write so they can learn how to make progress.  They become fed up because they don't have the "tools" they need. Years in the gym and nothing to show for it.

Yes they have barbells and squat racks, chains and dumbbells- but they don't have a leader. They participate in National Bench Press Day every Monday because it's what they see and come to believe is how it works. Especially at GloboFit. 

Members of Globo's quit so often that the Globo owner's are forced to lock in contracts for 2 years or more and push their trainers to make sales- even when the member doesn't want it. But some people do want the trainers and regrettably the Globo owner is tied down by their lawyers that the programs they force their trainers to abide by- do nothing for the member. 

But it's okay.  We want water fountains and Air Conditioning.  We want to remain comfortable being comfortable without ever pushing our true outer boundaries.  We'd rather sit on a machine inside the gym during the winter with the heat pumping than pushing our true capabilities outside flipping tires.  We even time ourselves and only allow 60 minutes.  Dedicating it solely to the elliptical and our Twilight book- having the balls to call it "working out".  Driveway training?  In the winter?  No thanks my Globo has hot pumpkin flavored protein post workout shakes! 

This is fine. It's not tough at all- by any means- but it's fine.  It keeps the people who don't have the true desire to ever change and become much more in life through fitness from walking into our garage gyms, our driveways, our warehouses, and taking up space at our parks.  This creates a balance needed and makes our tougher environments much more special. Blog viewership continues to climb, fitness programs in forms of eBooks are still being sold, and p90x type programs are the hot items after the holiday seasons.  The circle of Life.  The circle from soft to seeing hard back to comfortable- with the result showing your true desire.

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