Friday, November 9, 2012

Super Sandy Changed My Life!

They always say things that happen, happen for a reason.  People also say go to school to get a degree so you can get a good job.  They also go on to say keep working and working hard at that job so one day you can get a nice promotion and possibly retire with some money in the bank.

So why are there so many people collecting Social Security and using Medicare benefits? Is that how "it" should be? Work for 30 or 40, maybe even 50 years and save a little so you can retire and get your check every month?

Hurricane, or Post Tropical Cyclone, Sandy beat us to our knees.  Most people, even the 90 year old folks, have never seen a storm like this in New Jersey.  It ranks up there with the devastation that Katrina brought. 12 days later and many still don't have power.  The Feds decided these people need emergency unemployment funds because we can't work.  Gas lines are 9 miles long and certain parts of towns look like Zombies came through, cleaned house, and marched on to the next town. Most people were stuck with their hands out in need, and some angrily so like they were owed something because they survived.

Today on my way home from our midwife's office I was listening to a Navy Seal audio file and on it he spoke about your Why?- why do you do what you do. For you?  For who?

I was nodding my head again as I listened to the audio for the second time. I caught what was said by the Seal Vet the first time I listened to it and it changed my life.  It made me really understand certain things about myself.  But today, when I heard the same speech, something more clicked. I truly understood my Why?.

You see, for the longest time I always wanted to continue getting better and better at many things so my wife and our kids can have a good life.  I reflected on the tragedy and outcomes that Sandy caused today and my Why? became more than just providing a good life for my family.  Do I sit here and live out my Why? under orders from someone else?  Do I plan my Why? around my wife's work schedule and what my kids schools tell them?  Do I sit here and live through our "good life" and become a slave to the President and his rules?

My Why? changed instantly this morning as I drove home. Instead of just doing what I do to provide my family a good life, I'm doing it on my own terms.  Will I just not listen or follow orders any longer? Of course not, I "have" to right now but that will NEVER stop me from trying and working to get there. I know many men who run businesses and live their lives as they please. Some with 6 figure a year gyms that only operate open a handful of hours a day- some- a week.

I'm done living, developing, and growing my life at the orders of someone else.  Nobody will tell me what I can or can't do and as I grow- I will continue to pay it forward.  If I want to wake up on a cold Tuesday morning and decide to drive to Florida in 3 hours from waking up with no plans I will.  That is my Why?

I will live my life on my own terms while providing my family with the best life they deserve. No 9-5.  No rush hour traffic. Nobody to tell me I can't or shouldn't.  Resistance will come from every angle and try to beat me into submission like Hurricane Sandy did to some many people- but I am armed, prepared, and ready for war.

Hurricane Sandy changed my life by opening my eyes to "our" way of life.  I saw the gas lines, the fights, the whining about electricity, and the pain it caused so many people.  The storm toughen me, made me stronger mentally, emotionally, physically, and increased my awareness for life. Back to the Basics we go. From this point forward... Why?

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