Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Things I Learned Through Fitness..

For the past few years my life has been on a roller coaster of excitement, changes, hard work, and various stages of growth.  A lot of the changes and hard work I have been through have come from Fitness, such as powerlifting workouts, training others, workshops, reading, and athletic training I've put myself through.

It's hard to explain how or why this happened with the means of coming through being weight training but I have learned quite a bit about life, love, and lifting in the past few years.  So much so that I started this blog about a year ago to help get what I learned through to others. Here are ten things I learned from holding a barbell very tight:

1). There's more to life than what you currently see and believe. I never knew about 5/3/1 and Westside workouts.  I never knew that people made "landing pages" with links to $47 eBooks and made hundreds of thousands of dollars.  There has been plenty of things I never knew existed because I didn't search for them or care to acknowledge them.  Training hard with heavy weights opened my mind to searching for answers to many questions and I now know the world isn't so small after all.

2). Family is the best thing ever. Sure I knew family was important and always there for you when you needed them- but I never really grasped the fact and through training others, reading blogs, books, and much more I see that family truly is the best thing ever.

3). Books about life, passion, purpose, biographies, and success are the shit. In less than half this year alone the books I purchased and listened to or read have given me more of an education than the previous 29 years of my life combined. That's all.

4). Never believe what you believe you're capable of.  You can always do more than you think you can.  You are stronger than you'll ever imagine and you can go through so much more than you give yourself credit for being able to.  Suck it up and kick ass.

5). How to live a life with desire and purpose. I'm not quite sure when, where, how, what, or why I came to realize or even understand the true power of desire and purpose.  I think I was passionately fed up with the way things in my life were going and when I found fitness again I knew there was more to life then just going in circles and doing what seemed to be normal, average, cog like. Lifting heavy weights showed me there was something known as desire and purpose and I went to work on learning everything I could about it.

6). The human body is extremely incredible. Like really incredible.  We do cool shit with our bodies and our bodies do even cooler shit than we realize.  I learned much of this through studying about health, fitness, anatomy and much more. Aside from the physiology of the body, the psychological part of the body is far more fascinating. We think ourselves sick, fat, and nearly dead.  We can even think ourselves to become billionaires.  Learn to harness the power of both your mind and body.

7). People need other people. Sad people, fat people, skinny people, strong people, and rich people- whoever you are- you need other people in your life.  Strong people who lift need stronger people around them to get stronger. Sad people need happy and positive people.  Fat people need skinny people and rich people need poor people.  I have no idea what the ^*#* I'm talking about but with other people around you, life is awesome!

8). Choose your battles. I used to frequent a forum online that bashed everyone who wasn't like them and just were out to make the unaware's lives a living hell. Then it was on to fight the believers of CrossFit and question their methods.  I fought stupid battles, like gossip for men and a complete waste of time.  I decided to keep my focus and only choose a battle I knew would have a positive effect on my life.

9). Media was designed to kill you. Not like Shoot you in the head kind of kill you, but through fear and resistance.  Lies upon lies and brainwashing, mental overload with mass advertisements, do this and not that spurts through the airwaves and every night some poor kid was shot in the head or Grandpa was robbed at gun point in his home.  The Stocks Are Crashing!  The Stocks Are Crashing!  Our Economy is Doomed!  Motherfudger please!  Go out  on Black Friday and tell me the economy is bad.  Shut it. Turn it off.  See number 8!

10). You can make a good living never leaving home or opening a storefront. Now it wasn't exactly through fitness that I first understood the fact you can make money on-line.  It was probably eBay and such, but it wasn't until I became a Certified Trainer starting my business that I really understood the level of wealth that you CAN reach through on-line businesses with digital products, webinars, seminars, and so many other really cool things.  I'm just starting to paint the picture and truly grasp the art of online salesmanship but I have high hopes.  It's actually the end of the world.  But the start of anew.  Like Seth Godin once said (something like this... ) We used to make things, now we make ideas.

Strength training, heavy weights, conditioning, reading books, becoming a trainer, and much more has opened my eyes to many different things in life I never knew existed.  Having increased my knowledge through my desire to get stronger and help other people live happier and healthier through fitness is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I am thankful for the opportunity to have trained so many awesome people and for the people who read my blog posts.  Thank you again!

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