Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Negative States of America

It's sad watching people bitch about taxes, politics, having to work, being involved in drama, not having this or that- I tune this out everyday but sometimes I sit back and can't help myself from watching this and then I feel disgusted with the need to help them- an incredible burning desire to just help people turn their views around and see how well off their lives really are. Why do people insist on bitching about a state they live in or a job they work at?  What about the good things that they seem to overlook each day?  Take New Jersey.  A lot of people are wasting their time bitching about Chris Christie and the Budget bonanza going on at the moment.  Hardly is it ever seen someone complimenting the state for it's hidden beauty, such the Musconetcong River or the incredibly thriving Black Bear population. What about the beautiful waters of Spruce Run and the fancy boardwalk in Wildwood?

Talks about people receiving Medicaid and Welfare benefits who spend their monthly checks on crack and booze litter public forums and taxpayer debates.  Where is it on the public forums that talks of the over abundance we have in our lives and how NOW is the best time ever to make a lot of money and do good things- fun things in our lives?

Why do people always shut their eyes off when staring at positive events, emotions, and outcomes?  Front page on newspapers or breaking stories at 7pm are always about death, bankruptcy, disease, crime, pollution, or politics.  The highest rated TV shows are always criminal in nature or shows where people can point out flaws, mistakes, or simply laugh out loud to something "stupid".  Facebook posts and creative little pictures litter our Newsfeed and 99.99% of them have some sort of negative comment or something that will do nothing to better our lives.  Twitter tweets mention being stuck in traffic or the fact the line at McDonald's is stretched a little too long for their patience.

Drug epidemics, Obesity skyrocketing, and Foreclosure News litters the streets and talks inside bars and diners across America.  "When will it get better for us..", said the Cowboy from Texas.  "This country needs a change..", said the voter at the town's school.

This needs to stop before we destory ourselves and the future of this country.  Instead of asking for change or asking when something will get better we need to speak about the positive things in life.

"Things in this country are great for everybody.  Most of the population walks around with a smart phone, drives a car, eats dinner- sometimes with enough food that there's leftovers for tomorrow, and hundreds of millions are watching television tonight. Best yet, our kick ass Military is protecting my ass while I sleep."

Sounds better right?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Get more playing time, become a starter.. Improve your strength.

Every Little Leaguer or Pop Warner athlete dreams of one day being the star of the big show, the last man standing, the go ahead run in the World Series Game 7, or the Super Bowl MVP.  Every kid that laces his or her cleats and puts their football pads on hopes that this Saturday they will play a lot, have a big time play, and be cheered for by their teammates and the crowd.  Winning that one wrestling match to put them into the State Finals in Atlantic City is a dream most young wrestlers have for when they hit the High School level.

Becoming a great athlete takes time and practice.  Dedication and commitment top the list also and the best kids on the field know this.  A freshman in High School wants to be invited to wrestle the State's best in Atlantic City and so they work their ass off.  They attend camps, clubs, seminars, private training sessions, they eat well and sleep good.  Same goes for the kid that wants to continue his football career and play in college, preferably Division 1.

Having their name highlighted in the local newspaper is something most athletes think a lot about and more importantly have the want and the desire to achieve.  Some do, some more so than others, and some kids seem to be in the paper everyday or at least weekly.


Why are some student athletes so much better at their sports than others?  Sure genetics and skill levels are major factors but the biggest contributor is the DESIRE to be there.  The effort they put in to become a high level star is extremely in depth and hard on the mind and body- but WANTING to be great keeps them going.

Putting in every ounce of effort they can in every way possible will produce the best results they are capable of.  What sets All State athletes apart from the rest is doing the things other kids are not doing.  An All State Wrestler most likely goes to wrestling camps and seminars throughout the year and belongs to a club where he can wrestle weekly.  A football All State athlete is most likely doing the same things and takes every step seriously and with full out effort.

At Activate Fitness one of the advantages student athletes can acquire is an increased level of strength by doing the things other kids are not doing.  Activate Fitness has programs for student athletes ranging from 8 years old to college and even pro levels.  Training outside of a fancy gym or a corporate fitness facility, at Activate Fitness the athletes get right down to the basics in the same environment they perform their sports in.

When an athlete comes to Activate Fitness, their goals are found out, written down, and accounted for.  Taking the athletes priorities into consideration creates an extremely fun, hardcore, and effective workout program.  In turn this brings about the most success an athlete ever has and quite possibly ever will have when it comes to Strength and Conditioning.  There is no room for 50% half witted efforts.  Activate Fitness brings out the best in the Athlete and creates a more successful career for the Athlete when they commit everything to excelling.

If you're an Athlete or a Parent of an Athlete and you want to excel at your sport and become the best player you can be, in the shortest period of time, then call Activate Fitness today at 908-442-6763 or email us at

Your effort and Your Desire will dictate YOUR outcome.

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hackettstown Strength Coach aiming to get Athletes BETTER!

As owner and founder of Activate Fitness in the Hackettstown area, my main goal as a Strength Coach and Fitness trainer is making people BETTER.  Week after week, day after day my clients are coming to me and giving everything they have.  I do not accept anything less than 150% effort.  Being too tired, too busy, or too sore to get in a workout is an excuse and I preach this daily.

Being a newcomer to the Hackettstown area I do not know many people and most people do not know me.  That's okay.  In time that will change and the pace has already begun to pick up speed.  My goal is get the community up and running, active, healthy and to take charge of their lives.

I want to focus on helping this community get their athletes better.  Hackettstown Football had a 5-5 record last season, not too bad, but much room for improvement.  Having no idea how those athletes train in school is an issue for me, but what I know- and my current clients know- is that my programs WILL produce sound results.  Confident in abilities I am.  My programs are guaranteed to add size and strength to any athlete in High School, Middle School, and even College.  In fact- they are so good that I recently placed an ad on offering 3 months of my training for $75 a month- almost 80% off of what I normally charge.


I want to get the kids in the surrounding schools better.  I know I can, it's just a matter of time.  There are not too many schools in the area- such as Hackettstown High School and Mount Olive Twp. High that are dominant in Football or Wrestling- even Baseball.  That is where Activate Fitness steps in.

IT IS KNOWN FACT that guys and girls in High School sports PERFORM better and go FURTHER when they TRAIN with a Strength Coach- in a hardcore, outdoors, warehouse style setting.  Give me a few tools and a park and I can make some badass athletes with TIME and EFFORT from those kids.

What is MOST IMPORTANT is not what I teach and preach but THE EFFORT given forth by the student athletes.  Some kids WANT it BAD and some can give really even care at all.  Some kids do it for their parents and really hate being out there- making THE REST of the TEAM look bad.  Activate Fitness does NOT want those kids.  The only people WORTHY of training for SPORTS at Activate Fitness are the ones that WOULD WAKE UP at 4am on a Saturday to get a workout in, the kids WHO BLEED a PASSION for their sport, the guys and girls WHO WANT to achieve a higher level of success and POSSIBLY go to COLLEGE and play D-1 ball.  If you're a complainer or a WIMP- go home.

Activate Fitness's Athletic Training Systems are NOT for EVERYONE.  I will kick out the BAD INFLUENCES and the PISS POOR ATTITUDE kids faster than I can blink.  I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE MONEY.  I want these kids, these STUDENTS, and these ATHLETES to understand there is more to life than what you LIVE NOW and it takes HARDWORK to get it and LIVE IT.

I want Hackettstown Athletes to DO what other schools ARE NOT doing- to EXCEL at a higher level and become BETTER.  Both ON and OFF the field.  Bad punk kids, horrible influences, NAYSAYERS, and UNMOTIVATED student athletes bring the rest of the team down and ruin the MOOD and DESIRE of the other guys- some WHO BLEED PASSION and DESIRE.  Those kids are not allowed to train with the Activate Fitness FAMILY.

When an Athlete comes to me and Activate Fitness to train- they need to pass my test-OUR TEST- to see if their worthy of being a member of OUR private club.  One bad apple spoils the bunch and I will weed those bum ass lazy complainers out FAST!

Bottom line is that if you want to become a Champion, a Winner, a Bigger and Stronger Athlete come train with US at Activate Fitness.  The influence I- and WE- will have on YOUR LIFE will last you forever and turn you into a MAN or a GREAT WOMAN.  If you want to succeed and will leave your guts with the barbells and weights then WE want you.  Training together- as a team- will only increase your abilities, desire, and competitiveness.  If you think you have what it takes get in touch with me ASAP.  If you're a parent and you complain and FORCE something out of your child- do not even bother.  Little Jimmy needs to come on his/her own.  Make a suggestion and leave it at that.


Monday, June 11, 2012

The places these kids have nowadays....

Back in the day when I was a teen and new to weight training we didn't have places like the kids nowadays. If you were lucky you had a good Football coach and weight room in your school (if you even had a weight room) or a local hardcore gym where you could possibly go for a workout if you had the balls to walk with the monsters.  Most of us- we didn't have anything like that.  Throughout the Untied States and even the World, smaller Warehouse type gyms are taking charge in the gym business industry and I hope these boys and girls truly know what they have- and if it were me I'd treat it like Gold.

These smaller "niche" like strength and conditioning facilities that are becoming bigger and bigger every day are a Godsend to a teenage athlete and even just your Average High School kid looking to get bigger. For the reasonable fee most of these places charge for monthly memberships, the benefits far out weigh any cost involved, and to top it off- most are run or owned by some of the biggest names in the Fitness Industry.

Just like the Underground Strength Club in Edison, NJ.  A bunch of High School guys and Wrestling athletes have this place that I would've killed for right in their backyard.  Owned by Zach Even Esh this gym is a warehouse type strength based facility where the bullshit is cut right out and the member gets put to work on the right program- that will produce the best results for them- as fast as possible.  Best part is they work off of plans designed by a great coach and trainer and they have guidance the entire time.  Do know the kind of value that has right there? I hope Mr. Esh doesn't mind but here is something right off the front page of his gym's website:

“As an Athlete, You Get a SMALL Window of Opportunity to Take Advantage of Specialized Training to Help You Reach Your TRUE Athletic Potential. There are a Rare Few Who Take Action & Find Their Way to The Underground Strength Gym. As a Result, These Athletes Turn Dreams Into Reality & Experience Success Like Never Before. Not Everyone is Accepted into Our Program but Those Who Are Accepted Will Achieve Success in Sport AND Life that Others Only Dream About.” -Zach Even Esh Underground Strength Club.

Not to far from Edison is Warren, NJ and a place that is run by one of Strength and Conditioning's most viewed bloggers and a man I look up to and follow daily because he understands how life should be and what it takes to be successful in the gym and out..- The Renegade Gym run by Jason Ferruggia. Renegade and it's Coaches have helped a ton of young men and women excel in their sport of choice and the workouts they perform also cut the bullshit right out of the question and the work being done produces the best results possible.  These two places have some things in common and I would be honored if I was a member at either one.  Working out in groups helps motivate you and helps you learn even faster.  Here, you don't waste any of the time spent training and it's done the right way.

Now also in New Jersey is DeFranco's Training Systems in Wyckoff that follows suit with these new aged strength and conditioning facilities.  Actually not following suit as Joe DeFranco can be considered a pioneer of these types of gyms, especially in New Jersey. Some big name people train up at Joe's place including New York Giant football players, Triple H from the WWE, and even some NFL stars.  Most of these guys started as High School athletes and train with Joe DeFranco religiously! Right on the front page of DeFranco's website it states "Not for Everyone" and damn right it's not- but if you live near this place and go to 24 hour gyms you should be ashamed of yourself.

Stepping outside of New Jersey you have places like Brute Strength Gym in Virginia that is a huge facility with some seriously strong lifters.  They have everything you need to build massive muscle and serious strength- from powerlifting to strongman to classes that'll teach you everything you need to know.

Throughout the United States there are places that are meccas for some serious strength training and balls to the wall workouts. At Activate Fitness this is the mission I am striving for and Activate Fitness will one day be a Strength and Conditioning Facility that will go head to head with any of these awesome gyms. Big Chain Gyms like 24 Hour and Bally do not stand a chance in competing with these gyms.  Sure they will always have the customers that just want comfort- who do not take exercise seriously and just dilly dally inside the gym going through the same workout they have for the past year.  Strength gyms and Conditioning Facilities are the future of the fitness industry and these kids who have these places to go to are very lucky and need to understand this. They need to shut the hell up and listen to the guys who have lived in the trenches for YEARS and stick with their programs.  They are, they will, and High School Sports have just become much more competitive because of it.

Get out of your comfort zone inside a GoldieLock's or a 24 hour facility and find your local strength training gym and make progress faster than you ever imagined. If you don't know where to look... ASK!  Find the above mentioned guys on Facebook or Twitter and ASK!  Don't be afraid to ask.  We want you to succeed and We want you to do it right.

Some other places that are just as good as what I have mentioned are as follows:

Elite Fitness Training Systems in Ohio. I can't find any info on the Facility Dave Tate has over there and I do not know if it is invite only but this place is TITS!

Evolution Tucson In Arizona

Genuine Training Systems in Aliquippa, PA run by a Facebook friend of mine Luke Barber From what I see Luke Barber has some quality High School athletes there everyday kicking ass and becomer much better.

Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA run by the famous Cosgrove family.

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Winchester, MA

Strength and Honor Fitness in Somerville, NJ

Parisi Speed School in Fairlawn, NJ

Peak Performance in New York, NY

Westside Barbell in Ohio

Quad's Gym in Chicago, IL

Average Broz's Gym in Las Vegas, NV

And throughout the country there are many many more.  Some are Hardcore type facilities for serious Powerlifting and Bodybuilding and some are for Fat Loss and General Fitness.  Whatever the case is- make sure you find somewhere that feels good for yourself and is out of your comfort zone.  Stop going to a Retro Fitness or your local gym where cardio machines are everywhere.  Find a place that teaches you and teaches well- get into a nice Group style fitness facility and watch as your results blow you away. Realize that these places are made of Gold and should be treated with the utmost respect and you'll never wonder anymore.. why it's not working.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

"If there is no dull and determined effort, there will be no brilliant achievement."

It seems most people in the world have the desire to be better, be healthier, richer, leaner, and much more than what they currently have or are.  The problem is those thoughts, dreams, and desires are all kept inside the head and the heart and rarely does action become taken to develop the desires in the flesh.  Sitting there thinking, dreaming, believing, and hoping that one day better comes to them like a magic trick.  Good things do not come to those who wait because no action is being taken to manifest such good things.  The people in this world who have everything they want have those things because they acted on their desires and created their own good.  A very good man who I admire and trust more than anyone on this planet once told me, when I was beginning to understand the actions, that "Nobody will give you anything.  If you want something- you have to take it."  

It's not easy to take the steps of action needed to develop the better you seek because we have this trait that has been instilled in our DNA since the beginning of time- Fear.  Fear will stop the most action oriented person dead in their tracks if they let it.  We need to let go of our Fears and push them aside. There is too much good in the world to be obtained or created to let fear stop us. Below are three steps, three agendas, and the motto of Activate Fitness that can be considered "Action Steps".  Three simple words that can help you accomplish whatever it is you want in this life.  Do not wait for tomorrow because tomorrow will never come.  You want something in your life?  Start now.  Use the three words below as guidelines to obtaining everything that flows through your desire.


The first step in your new journey after you have clearly thought of what it is you want to bring into your life is to become Dedicated to achieving the success you're after.  It is going to take a sincere and total commitment to become dedicated towards your goals.  It will not be easy, but nothing worth having is ever easy to come by.  Dedicate yourself to a plan of action and start today.  Going after your goals or desires may cause some other things in your life to change and if you avoid this- failure is sure to bite your ass.  Are you looking to lose 20 or 30 pounds?  You may need to dedicate time out of your day to do something you never have or something more than you ever did to get there.  Are you willing to rise out of bed an hour earlier and get in a 30 or 40 minute walk before work?  Are you willing to avoid drinking beer at this weekends BBQ so you can stay on track?  Would you give up your favorite food that has been a centerpiece of your daily diet for the past 5 years?  How about dropping from Premium Cable to Basic Cable so you can afford a monthly gym membership?  The dedication you give towards your goals will determine the outcome of your efforts.  A little bit here or a little bit there is not going to cut it.  Planning on buying a house?  Can you throw your cell phone away for two years and live with the clothes and shoes you have until you save up enough money to buy that house?  

Ask yourself how bad you want whatever it is and dedicate yourself to finding it.


Demand everything you want in your life and use the dedication you recently found to achieving great success.  By demanding the "goal" you're after you let yourself know that it is important to you.  Whether it's weight loss or a new car, demanding those things out of your life and your efforts will keep you on track to getting where you want to be.  If you're looking to lose weight and time is tight you're going to need to demand yourself to do whatever it takes to stick with your dedication.  Getting out of bed an hour early is going to be tough but the demanding desire inside you to lose 30 pounds will help you get up, out, and walking- and when you finish walking you'll feel so much better anyways.  Demanding more out of yourself, demanding commitment to a goal, and demanding your efforts are crucial to the outcomes of your desires.  Also you need to rid your life of negative.  Anything at all that is negative.  Your thoughts, your emotions, your words to others, the news you watch at 10pm- get rid of it.  Demand positive.  If you wake one morning and feel shitty because something you do not want to do needs to be done- think positive about it and demand the negative to leave before your feet hit the floor.  Negative energy will destroy your hopes and dreams and cause your path to whatever to become sidetracked and altered right before your eyes.  Demanding positive energy all the time will increase the likelihood of a greater outcome- faster.  Be Demanding throughout your daily life.  Demanding your mindset to switch from negative to positive in the blink of an eye.  Dedicated goals with demanding actions create the good in your life.


Don't let anyone ever tell you something can't be accomplished.  Don't let anyone ever tell you that you are not allowed to do something or can't afford something.  If you want it- go get it.  Be determined.  Everything you do in life has a circle of cause and effect so think wisely before you act but when you know- deep in your heart and buried in your mind- that you want "that", dedicate your energy to getting it while demanding the effort inside yourself, determined to succeed no matter what. Determination from deep inside the body is created by a burning desire and passion flowing through your veins like blood.  Don't let minor failures or even big failures hold you back from what you want.  You are determined to succeed.  Losing weight isn't easy- it's simple- but it's not easy.  You need that determination to stick with you day in day out.  If you're at work with lunch you prepared at home and your office decides to go out to a diner- remember your determined to succeed, to lose weight, and make smart choices.  Yes, you can tag along- but be smart.  

Mahatma Gandhi once said "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." Being determined to achieve what the heart desires is one of the greatest forces on Earth.  Learn how to use determination to your benefit.  An Olympic athlete does not quit if they break their leg.  They are determined to compete in front of hundreds of millions and they will.  The work they face will be much harder, the time frame will double, but the determination, dedication, and demanding desire to compete will not let them quit.  

Dedicated goals with Demanding actions create the good in your life while keeping you Determined to succeed.

Don't ever quit or say "I can't"  Toss those words out the window and replace them with "I Will".  Everyone has so much more potential inside of them.  The keys to having everything you ever wanted in life are right in front of you.  It's never easy, it is hard, but the desire and passion inside is not lying to you.  Stop letting Fear suppress your dreams and use your wildest imagination to create those dreams in the flesh.  It may take 2 days or 20 years but you can't quit.  Stop letting people put you down, don't let media tell you what you believe or how you should act.  You are you and nobody else and nobody else is who you are. Go out there and get it.. but DO NOT WAIT.  Start now. Incredible things will be achieved in your life when you use your incredible dedication and demanding determination. Get it.

At Activate Fitness I am Dedicated to teaching my clients what works.  I am demanding that my clients give 100% of their effort with me and the other 160 so hours of the week.  I am determined to get all of my clients the results they desire.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Are you Lost in the Crowd?

The world we live in, like it or not, is an extremely negative environment.  The world we see through our eyes has increasingly become a haven for negative emotions and thoughts.  This can be seen anywhere throughout the world.  The crowd of people we walk among in our daily lives have the vibrations of negative and the aura of displeasure. Tolling along on their journey through time, stuck in a rut.  Stuck in a place so easy to get out of, that a quick glance to the stars can release them from such hard times and onto more prosperous moments away from the dark side of the moon.

Life was not meant to be lived the way it is throughout this beautiful world.  We have become slaves "to the man" hoping to one day catch our lucky break- our moment in the sun- unfortunately most people fail to ever bask in the glory of high times and live their lives like they're suffering the consequences of not being lucky.  Many people have such hard lives that it makes you sad when see the conditions they live in.  Many people never get degrees and end up working low paying jobs for the rest of their lives- well into their 70's- even 80's.  People starve and people die, people beg for enough change to grab a meal and sleep under a bridge in some polluted city.  People lift weights and diet their whole lives only to never reach their goal.  People have bad things happen to them over and over again or nothing good ever happens.  This is hard.  This is why some refer to life as "hell on Earth."  Why do we stay lost in the crowd?

Some people have their heads screwed so tight to the media and what it preached as right or wrong through various outlets that most will never understand the truth and how to think "outside the box."  The situations these people live in is a result of their negativity.  It may be harsh or come off as being a douche bag- but seriously- these people make their lives.  Everyone makes their own lives.  Everybody has their own thoughts and imagination and the way of life for each person is each person's own responsibility.

How often is it seen when a drug addict loses everything and lives as a homeless bum, scrapping by for their next fix?  How did this person get there?  Was it the drugs?  Was the drug they were using so powerful that it created their new life as a homeless person?  No, it wasn't a drug at all.  It was their own thoughts and their own decisions.  The situation could have been totally avoided but they choose to live that way.  And I do understand this first hand in more ways then one.  It is never a drug so powerful that it takes over your life.  Each person has that choice to make.

Are you lost in the crowd of displeasure and "unlucky" circumstances?  What did you do different from the crowd to stand out or take the first step to climb above?  How do you feel and think your life is?  Do you own up to your responsibilities and take positive action?  Are your thoughts about work and money negative?  Do you think that if you keep feeling and thinking that life sucks and money is hard to come by, that you will ever rise above the crowd?  Each and every choice you make is entwined in a universal picture that will create your life.  Whether it is negative or positive is up to you.  Do you like being lost in the crowd?

It is said there is the 99% and the 1% of the world's wealth in terms of population.  People feel the 1% are the lucky ones.  Those people are standing outside of the crowd, no longer lost in the hectic chaos of negative emotions.  The 1% are not lucky and do not have different lives from us one bit.  Their own thoughts about their own life have created their own successes, failures, and "luck". You can become a member of the 1% but it is going to take a ton of hard work and dedication along with absolute positive emotions.  These people are not jealous of anyone else.  They do not feel they have it bad or circumstances hold them back.  They create everything they want and have.  Some people in the 1% have less money than you but they are so happy with their lives and so positive about everything, that they have all they'll ever need and everything they ever wanted.

If you are tired of the way your life is going- change it now.  If you are disgusted about certain issues in the world, forget about them.  Stop thinking negative about everything you do.  If your dog throws up on the floor- be happy your dog is alive and keep your cool about it.  Keep thinking about what you want in your life and do so while voiding all negativity and you will see the things you "dreamed" of being created right before your eyes. There is nothing in this world that should be holding anybody back from all that they want- but most people do it themselves- with their mind.  You are truly your own worst enemy if you let the negative overtake the positive. Stop fearing the unknown and accept what comes to you with happiness and positive emotions. You are the only person holding you back from anything and everything you ever wanted.  Everything you ever wanted exists already- find it.  Believe it.  Make it happen.  Step outside of the crowd for a moment.