Monday, June 25, 2012

Get more playing time, become a starter.. Improve your strength.

Every Little Leaguer or Pop Warner athlete dreams of one day being the star of the big show, the last man standing, the go ahead run in the World Series Game 7, or the Super Bowl MVP.  Every kid that laces his or her cleats and puts their football pads on hopes that this Saturday they will play a lot, have a big time play, and be cheered for by their teammates and the crowd.  Winning that one wrestling match to put them into the State Finals in Atlantic City is a dream most young wrestlers have for when they hit the High School level.

Becoming a great athlete takes time and practice.  Dedication and commitment top the list also and the best kids on the field know this.  A freshman in High School wants to be invited to wrestle the State's best in Atlantic City and so they work their ass off.  They attend camps, clubs, seminars, private training sessions, they eat well and sleep good.  Same goes for the kid that wants to continue his football career and play in college, preferably Division 1.

Having their name highlighted in the local newspaper is something most athletes think a lot about and more importantly have the want and the desire to achieve.  Some do, some more so than others, and some kids seem to be in the paper everyday or at least weekly.


Why are some student athletes so much better at their sports than others?  Sure genetics and skill levels are major factors but the biggest contributor is the DESIRE to be there.  The effort they put in to become a high level star is extremely in depth and hard on the mind and body- but WANTING to be great keeps them going.

Putting in every ounce of effort they can in every way possible will produce the best results they are capable of.  What sets All State athletes apart from the rest is doing the things other kids are not doing.  An All State Wrestler most likely goes to wrestling camps and seminars throughout the year and belongs to a club where he can wrestle weekly.  A football All State athlete is most likely doing the same things and takes every step seriously and with full out effort.

At Activate Fitness one of the advantages student athletes can acquire is an increased level of strength by doing the things other kids are not doing.  Activate Fitness has programs for student athletes ranging from 8 years old to college and even pro levels.  Training outside of a fancy gym or a corporate fitness facility, at Activate Fitness the athletes get right down to the basics in the same environment they perform their sports in.

When an athlete comes to Activate Fitness, their goals are found out, written down, and accounted for.  Taking the athletes priorities into consideration creates an extremely fun, hardcore, and effective workout program.  In turn this brings about the most success an athlete ever has and quite possibly ever will have when it comes to Strength and Conditioning.  There is no room for 50% half witted efforts.  Activate Fitness brings out the best in the Athlete and creates a more successful career for the Athlete when they commit everything to excelling.

If you're an Athlete or a Parent of an Athlete and you want to excel at your sport and become the best player you can be, in the shortest period of time, then call Activate Fitness today at 908-442-6763 or email us at

Your effort and Your Desire will dictate YOUR outcome.

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

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