Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Negative States of America

It's sad watching people bitch about taxes, politics, having to work, being involved in drama, not having this or that- I tune this out everyday but sometimes I sit back and can't help myself from watching this and then I feel disgusted with the need to help them- an incredible burning desire to just help people turn their views around and see how well off their lives really are. Why do people insist on bitching about a state they live in or a job they work at?  What about the good things that they seem to overlook each day?  Take New Jersey.  A lot of people are wasting their time bitching about Chris Christie and the Budget bonanza going on at the moment.  Hardly is it ever seen someone complimenting the state for it's hidden beauty, such the Musconetcong River or the incredibly thriving Black Bear population. What about the beautiful waters of Spruce Run and the fancy boardwalk in Wildwood?

Talks about people receiving Medicaid and Welfare benefits who spend their monthly checks on crack and booze litter public forums and taxpayer debates.  Where is it on the public forums that talks of the over abundance we have in our lives and how NOW is the best time ever to make a lot of money and do good things- fun things in our lives?

Why do people always shut their eyes off when staring at positive events, emotions, and outcomes?  Front page on newspapers or breaking stories at 7pm are always about death, bankruptcy, disease, crime, pollution, or politics.  The highest rated TV shows are always criminal in nature or shows where people can point out flaws, mistakes, or simply laugh out loud to something "stupid".  Facebook posts and creative little pictures litter our Newsfeed and 99.99% of them have some sort of negative comment or something that will do nothing to better our lives.  Twitter tweets mention being stuck in traffic or the fact the line at McDonald's is stretched a little too long for their patience.

Drug epidemics, Obesity skyrocketing, and Foreclosure News litters the streets and talks inside bars and diners across America.  "When will it get better for us..", said the Cowboy from Texas.  "This country needs a change..", said the voter at the town's school.

This needs to stop before we destory ourselves and the future of this country.  Instead of asking for change or asking when something will get better we need to speak about the positive things in life.

"Things in this country are great for everybody.  Most of the population walks around with a smart phone, drives a car, eats dinner- sometimes with enough food that there's leftovers for tomorrow, and hundreds of millions are watching television tonight. Best yet, our kick ass Military is protecting my ass while I sleep."

Sounds better right?

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