Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hackettstown Strength Coach aiming to get Athletes BETTER!

As owner and founder of Activate Fitness in the Hackettstown area, my main goal as a Strength Coach and Fitness trainer is making people BETTER.  Week after week, day after day my clients are coming to me and giving everything they have.  I do not accept anything less than 150% effort.  Being too tired, too busy, or too sore to get in a workout is an excuse and I preach this daily.

Being a newcomer to the Hackettstown area I do not know many people and most people do not know me.  That's okay.  In time that will change and the pace has already begun to pick up speed.  My goal is get the community up and running, active, healthy and to take charge of their lives.

I want to focus on helping this community get their athletes better.  Hackettstown Football had a 5-5 record last season, not too bad, but much room for improvement.  Having no idea how those athletes train in school is an issue for me, but what I know- and my current clients know- is that my programs WILL produce sound results.  Confident in abilities I am.  My programs are guaranteed to add size and strength to any athlete in High School, Middle School, and even College.  In fact- they are so good that I recently placed an ad on offering 3 months of my training for $75 a month- almost 80% off of what I normally charge.


I want to get the kids in the surrounding schools better.  I know I can, it's just a matter of time.  There are not too many schools in the area- such as Hackettstown High School and Mount Olive Twp. High that are dominant in Football or Wrestling- even Baseball.  That is where Activate Fitness steps in.

IT IS KNOWN FACT that guys and girls in High School sports PERFORM better and go FURTHER when they TRAIN with a Strength Coach- in a hardcore, outdoors, warehouse style setting.  Give me a few tools and a park and I can make some badass athletes with TIME and EFFORT from those kids.

What is MOST IMPORTANT is not what I teach and preach but THE EFFORT given forth by the student athletes.  Some kids WANT it BAD and some can give really even care at all.  Some kids do it for their parents and really hate being out there- making THE REST of the TEAM look bad.  Activate Fitness does NOT want those kids.  The only people WORTHY of training for SPORTS at Activate Fitness are the ones that WOULD WAKE UP at 4am on a Saturday to get a workout in, the kids WHO BLEED a PASSION for their sport, the guys and girls WHO WANT to achieve a higher level of success and POSSIBLY go to COLLEGE and play D-1 ball.  If you're a complainer or a WIMP- go home.

Activate Fitness's Athletic Training Systems are NOT for EVERYONE.  I will kick out the BAD INFLUENCES and the PISS POOR ATTITUDE kids faster than I can blink.  I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE MONEY.  I want these kids, these STUDENTS, and these ATHLETES to understand there is more to life than what you LIVE NOW and it takes HARDWORK to get it and LIVE IT.

I want Hackettstown Athletes to DO what other schools ARE NOT doing- to EXCEL at a higher level and become BETTER.  Both ON and OFF the field.  Bad punk kids, horrible influences, NAYSAYERS, and UNMOTIVATED student athletes bring the rest of the team down and ruin the MOOD and DESIRE of the other guys- some WHO BLEED PASSION and DESIRE.  Those kids are not allowed to train with the Activate Fitness FAMILY.

When an Athlete comes to me and Activate Fitness to train- they need to pass my test-OUR TEST- to see if their worthy of being a member of OUR private club.  One bad apple spoils the bunch and I will weed those bum ass lazy complainers out FAST!

Bottom line is that if you want to become a Champion, a Winner, a Bigger and Stronger Athlete come train with US at Activate Fitness.  The influence I- and WE- will have on YOUR LIFE will last you forever and turn you into a MAN or a GREAT WOMAN.  If you want to succeed and will leave your guts with the barbells and weights then WE want you.  Training together- as a team- will only increase your abilities, desire, and competitiveness.  If you think you have what it takes get in touch with me ASAP.  If you're a parent and you complain and FORCE something out of your child- do not even bother.  Little Jimmy needs to come on his/her own.  Make a suggestion and leave it at that.


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