Monday, February 13, 2012

Is fat the future?

Back when I was a kid everyday was spent outside.  It did not matter if it was 100 degrees or if it was in the negatives, we were outside.  Spending all of our time on our bikes riding through the woods or in the backyard playing football until we got yelled at.  Everyday.

So what happened and where did all the children go?  

In the last thirty years childhood obesity has more then tripled in the United States.  The CDC reports that this trend is being caused by a caloric imbalance.  No Shit Sherlock! How much of our money was wasted on endless research to pull that statement out of a hat?  There is a caloric imbalance in our children because they do not do anything. Our children and their parents have been sucked into the lies and corporate brainwashing to the point our parks are empty.  Fast Food companies, Sony and Microsoft are at the forefront of this epidemic and the money they make from their products points to signs that couches will continue to see the majority of people's lives.

This isn't just in America.  A third of kids in Europe are Obese.  

So what does all of this mean for our future?  One of the most obvious facts that we can look at is the cost of health insurance being inflated and astronomical in price.  Obese people are more likely to get sick then people with normal body weight, not a surprise just fact. 70% of the obese child population in the United States has at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease.  Then there are bone issues, joint problems, sleep apnea, poor self esteem, and psychological problems.  And those are the immediate effects.  I am sure any knowledgeable person reading this can figure out for themselves what the long term effects are.

Can our nation's defense be in a compromising situation at the moment? In ten years when our Marines need new recruits are there going to be enough acceptable candidates to handle the work load and orders of our military?  Ex-military leaders are already saying our youth is too fat to fight, and they still get fruit juice and hash browns for lunch. 75 percent of young adults are ineligible to become a solider because of lack of education, physical issues, or criminal records.  Great, so most kids are either fat asses, dumb asses, or crooked asses.  

All of these signs points to a dramatic and ongoing evolution of our species.  We have come along way with technology and society has changed to accept the new innovations.  With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter being free and internet access very affordable our children do not need to go out.  They can chat with their friends online and this seems to be the newest trend and most popular activity among our youth.  A big event in a child's day may be connecting with kids from around the world while they team up to take out the bad guys, all from the comfort of home with a remote control.  Our military uses remote controls more so now then in the past also.  Is that the future of warfare for the United States military?

Fat is our future and the human species is evolving to accept this.  People now want it and they want it yesterday.  Is technology to blame or is it society as a whole?  Where are the parents in all of this?  Do they see their kid getting fatter everyday and sicker by the minute?  Don't they have the power in their household to take away the remote and kick their kid out of the house until dinner time?  Would the youth even know what to do to have fun while outside? With "gym classes" disappearing from our schools every year, fast food companies growing larger, and cooler video games coming out every month the way these kids live their lives will not be changing anytime soon.  Unless action is taken.

The fact is we are sick and we continue to get sicker every day.  Many people despise exercise and hate "eating clean". Convenience is King and anything that requires too much "effort" is left in the dust by Fast Times at Xbox High. Change needs to happen and it is critical for the future of mankind.  Our youth population is going to crowd hospitals and burst health insurance budgets while adding to the pollution of this beautiful planet. Unplug your televisions and buy your kid a bike.  Have them join a niche gym that focuses on turning kids into kick ass athletes. Stop going for a family dinner at a quick fix restaurant more then once a month. Do you want to be responsible for contributing to your child's sickness and lead them on a life towards a certain early death as a result of eating shit and being sedentary? Put in the effort that is required to be healthy and enjoy your newly found positive, exciting, and energetic family. Be active in stopping this vicious and dangerous trend.  It starts at home and you are now in charge. Oh yeah, it's not just the kids!

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  1. I completely agree. One of the things that happened is parents were led to believe that their children were no longer safe outside. This became a real scary situation back in the 80's. For those of us that lived in the country with property - the kids were still outside but stayed a bit closer to home. Outside play was replaced with video games and the birth of the computer. Junk food was abundent. It clearly is time for a change. I had not considered the lack of military candidates....that's a scary thought.