Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Excuses and Actions

I'm not going to lie or fake it until I make it.  I make excuses.  I always have an excuse to DO something that needs to be done or that I want do.  This past year I have alienated friends and family more than ever because I've been trying to build a business, focus on my own training, and I'm hard at work increasing my general knowledge. My excuse is simple, "I'm working on something I love, something I want so bad, so- I'm sorry I won't..." This needs to stop and I have to cut those excuses out of my mind and take action to make that better. That I know.

I make excuses also about NOT doing something.  I've turned down hanging out with the boys to sit here and write a blog post.  I've turned down all different things so I can write, read, lift, train, and I've also made excuses to NOT cut my grass, to NOT paint my baby's room or clean my house.  I push household chores back all the time- we all do.

But behind my excuses comes action.

I might make excuses to NOT do something and continually push it back but I never do so without making excuses to DO something that I feel is more important.

You have to choose your battles and be comfortable saying NO to someone.

Things can wait and others can't.

Making excuses to eat out or not exercise do more harm than making an excuse to not cut the grass or clean your house. When you are on a diet plan and exercise program and you excuse yourself from a day at the gym or a visit to a fast food joint you are taking the wrong actions.

Actions speak louder than words and excuses come in all kinds of different shapes.  Excuse me if I lift some heavy weights off the floor instead of cleaning my bathroom.  Don't excuse me if I give up on my diet after a few days.

When you take an action or make an excuse it could be for the better or the worse.  Be smart about it and do what you love instead of what "you should do".

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